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Lotion for Eczema

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Has anyone ever heard of Sarna Lotion? I'm looking for other good things for my daughter's (she's 1) eczema. We use aquafor, sensitive skin lotion, calendula and a mild body wash (boudreaux (I know that's spelled wrong) butt paste body wash, you know the makers of the diaper rash cream). I've heard this sarna lotion advertised and read reviews of people saying they love it. Also, I read about someone saying natural soaps are better. What do you think?
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i have just learned that EMU oil is excellent for eczema. I just baught the cream and am going to try it tonight on my son.
good luck
Natural skin care creams are usually the best to treat eczema. I also went through eczema and found going natural was much better than OTC products.

Snail secretion, emu, ice (to refresh your skin , 10 min).
I have eczema also and have managed to keep it under control. My derma advised that soap is never to touch my skin. Only use on feet, underarms and privates. Wash with your cleanser. Also eczema people do not produce enough natural oils that hydrate the skin. Not only do you need something for the outside, but you have to feed the inside too. Get her on, flax seed, evening primrose or omega 3 vitamins. Go to your health shop, they can help with this. Natural oils are the best for putting on the skin too. I use grape seed, you can also use almond oil, jojoba or avocado. Watch her diet too, nothing acidic - citrus, tomatoes.. and avoid dairy, switch to soy products. Dairy is terrible for eczema skin. Good news is, kids usually grow out of it. Best of luck
Take your daughter to a dermatologist if you have not done so already. She is only one year old - you need to make sure that this skin condition is not indicative of a more serious underlying problem. The doctor will tell you what sorts of ingredients to look for in the skin care products you use on her. You cannot randomly put things on her skin because they will be absorbed into her system. Even OTC (over the counter) products contain ingredients that should not be used on children. It is scary to think that folks like "Healer" would refer you an on-line healing website for your baby.
This may sound strange, but get her tested for food allergies, our youngest son had severe food allergies that gave him eczema so bad it oozed. He had it from the day he was born until we had him tested at about 9 months. Once we found out what he was allergic to (milk, eggs, soy, peas, peanuts, beef, pork...and many more) we modified his diet and got him on mangosteen juice his eczema all but disappeared. He only needs a light "coating" of lotion after his bath to keep his skin calm. He still has flare ups when we get lazy with watching his diet or giving him the juice.

Also, we were told that childhood eczema has a huge likelihood of leading to asthma.

I have read that almond oil and jojoba oil are both good for eczema.
Most kids will grow out of eczema, it will go away as they get older. I'm in the middle of writing an article about it for my website. My brother had eczema when he was little. It was interesting, some of the remedies the Dr. recommended.
I've have a few suggestions from personal experience: An olive oil soap is usually really helpful, I'd avoid bars and stick with a liquid wash. MSM Lotion is AMAZING on eczema (with a little tea tree oil is a great booster, not too much), almond oil, yogurt (if it's a small area just put a little on for about 15 min and rinse off with luke warm water, then moisturize, if she has it all over a whole container in a bath works wonders. I also agree you should think about food allergies. I notice the more processed things I eat the more it flares up, also cows milk set a lot of people off. You could take one thing out of her diet at a time for a week or so just to test to see if it's that. Since she's so young I would NOT recommend any kind of steroid cream. Good luck, I hope this helps.
My friend had suffered eczema for a long took only 1 day to take care of with a natural product
I've had eczema all my life and haven't ever found anything that has made a difference until now. I use Fake Bake moisturising lotion and came upon it by chance. It has helped me to keep the dry skin at bay and for some reason works to keep my skin totally moisturised with one application a day. I love it because it doesn't take long to dry like all the other lotions and it smells good too. It has been working for me for over a year now and my little boy too!
Eczema runs throughout my family and is definitely stress related as well. When I have flair ups, I use "Johnson's Soothing Naturals" nourishing lotion to aid in relief of the burning. (Since anything with any fragrance definitely aggravates the rash, burning, itching, etc.) I've been to specialists before and everything they prescribed didn't really help only hurt most of the time. I would highly recommend this lotion to help sooth and it helps me with the existing breakouts. My eczema has only gotten worse as I got older... not better. So don't expect it to go away as the child gets older, but it might since everyone's body reacts differently. Mine got more intense as I got older. (I'm 29 currently) Hope this helps a little for the young one. :)
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