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Luminess Air brush system

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Has any one bought this? It's really expensive (for me, anyway), but I have a very competitve job and at 59 I have to see what I can do to look younger. I'd really appreciate some honest feedback on this. Thx for reading.
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I've never heard of it. What is it and what does it do?
I havent tried it i really want it. as soon as i hear it really works and get money i am going to buy it. I have bad acne and scars so I hate putting on makeup but really need it.
I just checked it out. It looks very plastic-y. I would like to see some customer reviews!
Well, you could hop on over to Saks and try out SK-II Airtouch foundation...still spendy, but at least you can try it before you buy. It's a little canister of foundation that hooks up to an atomizer and aerosolizes onto your skin. I hear it gives fantastic results, but it's one lemming I don't want to feed!!!

You can read more here

I researched this company because I was interested in buying but, a lot of people seemed to complain about wrongful charges to their credit cards with this product. Which made my ultimate decision not to buy go to the search engine and type luminess air scam or even luminess air reviews from different sites and you can read the complaints. Not all the reviews are bad but, at the time I was looking into it there were more bad than good. Well hope this helps!
There are several threads on this topic, for those who are interested. You can search "Luminess," or take the spaces out of the following URL and paste and go:
www . / makeup-talk / 1648-luminess-airbrush . html
(I haven't posted enough in this forum yet to be allowed to post a link. LOL! Sorry.)

Summary of my opinion on the above thread: Don't buy Luminess Air.
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