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I grant that not all products work for everyone, or suit their preferences, but I personally love my system. I donâ€2122t know if everyone is bothering to watch the DVD (I usually donâ€2122t either), but I did in this case. A lot of complaints I see seem to be direct results of not following instructions. The dry skin: me too, until I remembered that the make up is water-based, so my skin sucked all the water from the make up and left my skin dry. When I remembered to add a moisturizer first, that problem went away. I also forget to hold the stylus far enough away at times. that will cake it on, and leave a greasy area. You have to patiently hold it away from your skin and brush the layers on. I swear I never got so many positive comments on my make up until I started wearing it. Most of the reviews that I came across were old and about customer service, donâ€2122t be turned off by this great product because of those old reviews.
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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