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can someonoe tell me which makari cream I should use? I dont want to spend alot of money and only want to buy one product. Is there one cream I can use both night and day? I want to lighten my skin a bit.
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I am interested also! I can't decide which products to buy.. they have so many!!!
Is the caviar what causes the lightening? I have not see any other products use it except for Makari.
on other forum i've read that the night cream is the more effective.
on other forum i've read that the night cream is the more effective.
Can the night cream be used both during the day and night?
Makari is a complete rip-off. There's something in that cream that artificially makes your skin appear whiter without it actually reducing melanin.

Save your money!
ouch, well cavier cream is infamous for creating breakouts (something about their fish proteins) and i tried it and havent noticed anything except for a few pimples (and i dont have sensitive/scne skin). i tried their beauty milk samples it was o.k but I dont know if i would spend money to buy the bottle, expecially after reading their ingredient list, there's nothing scientifically sound that could make the skin "lighter"

Also (depending on your skin tone) it has made some pple darker or the results woud "fade away" according to complaints.
DO NOT. I repeat, do not use Makari Products.

The Makari Face Cream is famous for causing major breakouts to the face because of the amount fish protein in it.

As a matter of fact, I think the whole line is bogus. Its supposedly targetted for dark individuals promising a lighter complexion, but if you look at the Makari video in the website both the women advertising the product are VERY DARK. ANd they both claimed they've used and loved the products, but their faces do not prove any lightening to me.
AngelFace, have you tried Makari before? How are you so sure that it doesn't work?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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