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How good is Makari? I know that it breaks some people out, but how well does it lighten skin?
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Makari Caviar Cream is very effective for me. I take Vit C as well to complement with it. It lightens my skin coloring in a gradual, natural way. No redness and peeling. I also use Retin A cream every other night to exfoliate.

Makari Caviar ***5 Stars***
i gave it a try once and he left me with pmples. so i discontinu using it
it put ssome kind of film on your skin that makes it more reflective to light. I dont think it actualy lightens the skin. because soon as i stopped using the creams my skin went back to being dark. also the stuff it leaves on your skin clogs your pores so you get more pimples
I have been using Makari for a while and spent hundreds of dollars on it, and
all I got is zits, black marks, which I never had before starting using Makari.
The caviar cream is the worst, and Makari customer service reps
are the rudest people I have ever seen. Don't buy Makari, it's a joke!
I've used MAKARI for a couple of years...The first year was the best, my skin looked amazing...glowing, nice and even color all over...second year was okay, I wasn't getting lighter which was absolutely fine with me, but i pretty much maintain the color...then, out of the blue i started darkening (I truly believe they changed their formula)...then the lotion was in backorder and i stopped using it for 4 to 6 months...needless to say i became really dark again...not that i don't like being dark but it was an ashy kinda dark...not that pretty brown color that i originally had...Oh well....
Since i found this forum, i decided to stay away from MAKARI and try a different approach to a beautiful, glowing and even color...All i need is 2 to 3 shades lighter mainly on my arms, legs and
Yes, they did change their formula. So many people complained that they've put it back, well actually they say it's even better. So, we'll just see about that. Thet blamed it on their lab. The product Definately works and gives you a natural lightness. It lightened my face at least 3 shades in 2 months. I then started to get acne, which I've never had in my life, the acne turned to dark marks. I stoopped using it and continued using nadinola. The marks and acne are gone and my face is still very light.
So, I would not use it for the face for those who want to try it. I just ordered the new body milk for my body. I'll never put it on my face again!
By the way, I posted a letter I got from Makari about their old formula and the complaints.
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