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male hyperpigmentation in beard area from shaving

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hi im mixed race white and black .my problem is my whole beard area is much darker than my face.i think its from when i had bad ingrowing beard hair,and just shaving through the years.5 years ago when i shaved i was clean shaven the skin was the colour of the rest of my face ie forehead and cheeks .now if im clean shaven i look like i have not shaved in a month but its mum thinks its the hair under the skin ,but i can see its not hair causing this thik beard shadow .its the skin pigment has darkend maybe twice as dark as my natural skin.

i was thinking about hydroquin 4%and retin a cream .do you think this will work.if i can get a pic i will
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*photo's removed*
bump i need help with this please
dw man i know what your going through and btw the 5oclock shadow doesnt look all that bad.
Im not a skin lightening expert
but the best marketed cream out there would be meladerm civant skin care
google it
ive never tried the cream but plan on trying it this october
andd people in this forum believe hydroquine works well, i have also never tried it
but they say it works!
Message Ondine she is currently using it
bump and more help with my dirty looking skin,please im desprate?

people always say to me 5 seconds after im shaved,jesus are you going to have a shave this week you lazy ba**ad,little do they know im clean shaved with hyperpigmentation on my face.basicly its a beard 24 ,7 ,365 and i dislike beards
next time you let the hair grow, try waxing a small area off. if it looks clear, then you'll know its the hair. if it doesn't then you'll know its the skin. do this first and you'll know what step to take next.
ive tried that its the skin defo
bump any advice
You know what, I think that's common.

It's just that there is a big contrast between your skin color and the color of your hair. I don't usually shave all the way down, but I'm pretty sure it would look similar.
dw man i know what your going through and btw the 5oclock shadow doesnt look all that bad.
Im not a skin lightening expert but the best marketed cream out there would be meladerm civant skin care
google it
ive never tried the cream but plan on trying it this october andd people in this forum believe hydroquine works well, i have also never tried it
but they say it works! Message Ondine she is currently using it
I've been following your posts for nearly a week and see that you are frustrated because of the lack of responses. Of course, I can only speak for myself, but maybe (some of the) others feel the way I do. I look at the photos that you have posted and see a good looking young man who happens to have a heavy beard. This is not unusual among men in your culture and mediterranean ones. The fact that it was not an issue 5 years ago just says to me that perhaps your beard was not fully grown in yet. You still look very young, so perhaps you are now getting more of an adult beard.

So I agree with your mother, I guess, in that the incremental darkness that you see is just hair below the surface of the skin. And no amount of shaving or skin lightening is going to change that. In fact, skin lightening may make the "problem" worse because then you will have a dark heavy beard against even lighter skin. So the reason I quoted the above posting is because I disagree with the advice. Ever see an Italian man with black hair and light skin - it looks like he never shaves at all.

If it were a purple or green tinge to the skin, well then I would say that it is not a skin care issue but an imbalance of some sort that you should see a medical doctor about. In other words, it is not a skin care issue at all.

If people are making fun of you in the way that you described, I would say that they are not your friends and that you should find yourself a different group of people to hang out with. Maybe they are even doing it because they know that it upsets you.

So - I think that you are are naturally good looking and have beautiful skin (no scars, blemishes). If it is not a medical issue (as I noted above) I hope that you can get past this - distract yourself if you have to with something else. This is all I can say - maybe others will contribute more.
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mireckca,thank you for the nice responce.but the problem is still there after the hair is removed i plucked out a patch of beard and the darkend skin is still there.also the before pic was not long ago and it has not got thicker its always been thick .i was 31 in the first pic and 34 in the new picks.i had bad ingrowing hair and that darkend the skin ,so kolic acid or 4%hydroqin do u think will work.once again i apreaciate the help.i really want to be able to shave again and have clean skin
Well if it really is just discolored skin maybe the skin lighteners would help. In my opinion, that should just be a temporary fix. If the problem recurs you really should see a doctor - I would hate to think that you would use those chemicals on your face for the rest of your life. I suppose other adult male members of your family would be a guide to what "normal" would be for skin color in that part of your face. I hope that it works out for you.
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temporary ?should i find e dermatologist
temporary ?should i find e dermatologist
First of all, hydroquinone 4% and Retin-A 0.1% are prescription drugs, so you will need to see a doctor, preferably a dermatologist for a prescription. You can get the prescription filled at a local drug store, or buy it on-line (which is cheaper).

You can also get both of these drugs on-line from overseas distributors without a prescription, but you are assuming alot of risk and need to be better informed about these substances - in my opinion. There is a reason why these drugs are sold by prescription only. It is not so that the medical establishment can make more money. It is so that innocent folks do not use these drugs and harm themselves inadvertently.

Folks on this board that are using these drugs without a prescription have educated themselves on the risks and are using the drug prudently. Many of them have family members who have used them over long periods of time without difficulty. That is their choice - and respect them for it.

But if you read up about these drugs, you will learn that there are concerns about hydroquinone, especially the long term use of this drug. I am not saying that you will have problems, you should just become more educated about them before you use them, or see a physician, preferably a dermatologist. If the problem is as serious as you say it is, then I would think that you would want to know what is causing it and how to get rid of it.

An anonymous chat board like this one is not the place to seek medical advice. It is dangerous to think that you can - and dangerous for any of us to attempt to do so.
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ill look into that thanks ,i only get a few ingrowing now but the discoloured skin remains .once again thanks
Live1, Yes, please let us know if this works so others may learn from your experience here. We like to help each other as much as possible. Best of luck to you.
And BTW, you ARE nice-looking =)
Yes. I am looking at the photos at the "ugly", "blemished" - and I'm thinking, huh? He has beautiful skin, smooth, no scars or wrinkles or creases or anything, perfect skin around nice big eyes. Hmmmm. He isn't happy at the moment with some discoloration, but hmmmmm - I think that all of these "friends" that are teasing him might be a bit jealous.
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ive been thinking i really need to be sure that all my beard area is hyperpigmented,or just hair,i know for a fact that cheeks are darkend thats where the really bad ingrowing hair, is and only fine hair grows.but if i lighten the skin around my mouth and its hair im gonna look kinda silly,so how can i tell.freddy said wax a bit but wax my top lip will hurt and bleed as my hair is so thick.

ps off topic if you look really close up at my right eye ive noticed very fine lines ,were the lower eye lashes are lower eye lid,its only 1 eye is this normal or is that wrinkles ,ive never noticed it before ,ps this is not really a problem compared to the other
temporary ?should i find e dermatologist
live1- I think is the hair and not your hyperpig. Try laser treatment if you still see the darkness around that area then you need to see a dr. for it. I don't think it looks bad at all. It normal for men.
Live 1,this is something to ask a dermatologist. Ingrown hairs are one problem; hyperpig. is another. Trying to trat this 'cold turkey' could make it worse or cause yet a 3 rd problem. You might also look into laser hair removal. I know that there are lasers safe for dark skin now (I've had my legs & underarms done)& may men (according to my esthetician) are doing this. they spend some money initially, BUt the time & energy wasted on shaving daily (sometimes twice!) makes it worth it. Some have no hair at all after, others see a huge decrease in the thickness & density of the hair. Good luck!
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