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maternity mask

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hi, could really do with some serious advice. while i was pregnant i formed what is known as a maternity mask. its like a face mask that is orange/brown in colour and is on my forehead, nose and cheeks. i have a very pale skin tone so it sticks out a mile. can anyone tell me how i can get rid of it? im very aware of it and its getting me down
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The mask is actually a condition called Melasma. I have this too and I am considering using a prescription cream called TriLuma. You can ask your doctor about this and get some advice.
thanks for that. ACTUALLY all doctors have said is that it will go away in time and not to worry about in. now i have a name for it i can look into more. cheers
I have heard it goes away on some people, but others it never does.
thanks for that. ACTUALLY all doctors have said is that it will go away in time and not to worry about in. now i have a name for it i can look into more. cheers

You can take your doctor's word on that, but you might continue to research this topic further.

I happen to think that the cause of this problem may not go away on its own. I think you may have too much copper in your system which can show on your skin, and also give you natural red highlights sometimes too. Anne Louise Gittleman, a nutrititionist and author, developed this problem and didn't realize the cause until she developed the red highlights. (The skin coloring and hair coloring are basically copper tones.)

The mask of pregnancy can come about because of high hormones especially estrogen. When estrogen goes up copper must go up too. That is why some women will notice it gets darker around the time of their period, which is when estrogen starts to rise.

Women who use anovulatory meds (BC pills) can have a problem with vitamin b6 metabolism, making them prone to this problem and hormonal imbalances.

Vitamin b6 and zinc can help with reducing this hyperpigmentation.

One thing you can do to confirm my theory is try some Zinc Status which is sold in most health food stores. This product will telll you immediately if you have a zinc deficiency. Copper and zinc balance one another in the body. When copper is high then zinc is low. Zinc Status works, and this test is better than having some blood drawn and being told what your zinc levels are in your bloodstream.

If you look at other conditions that can cause hyperpigmentation you will see that there can be a copper zinc imbalance in those conditions too. Wilson's Disease is an extreme example, but Addisons Disease is another one.

Of course it is your health, so you can follow your doctor's advice or you can try to sort this out for yourself with further research. Most doctors use a suppressive therapy approach, that means they only treat the symptoms and never really address the underlying problem.
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Try skin bleaching products to even out your skin tone...such as the diana stalder skin bleaching products (for all skin types).

Good Luck!
ask from ur doc for some Hydroqunon preprations for that.
do all women get some form of melasma during pregnancy? how common is it?
Department stores like Target have maternity stores for not as much of an investment. Also try smaller "dress shops" such as Fashion Bug, Dress Barn, etc. You can start wearing maternity clothes as early as you want, but definitely when you start to show. Usually during the middle of your second trimester...which is about there for you! Congrats, and have fun shopping!!!
Hello everyone. First time post so bear with me. I am a male 37 who developed melasma about two years ago due to what I believe was over sun exposure (armed forces hot climate, get the picture?). My doctors were all baffled at first and I guess it's not a common condition for men, so I have been prescribed many different soution for my condition to no effect. However a German friend of mine told me about a product called Pigmanorm. To cut a long story short I spent a great weekend in Hamburg and visited a local pharmacy and purchased said cream £10 approx $15. I have been using for about 3 weeks now and hand on heart I have seen a 60 - 70% decrease in pigmentation. I must stress I have no idea what the active ingredients are and also as I have seen on some of these sites I do not work for the maker of the cream. Just thought I'd share my great news and hope this may work for other people. Before this I had tried Retina A creams and MSG? tablets.
Good luck!!
Have you looked into the Obagi skin care system? I haven't used it but I've heard that it helps with Melasma.
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