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medsmex for retin-a

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Medicine Mexico :: Starting with R :: Retin A Cream, 0.05%

Reports are that theirs is better than ADC.

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Thanks Fawnie. I am going to check into this source. The site says no Rx needed as long as it is for personal use. Getting one here (in Canada) is a hassle for me because I am not part of their health care network. Anyway, the ADC does not take Canadian credit cards (!), so until I can sort things out I might take a whirl with the Mexican site even though the prices are higher.
NY - this is just about on-line sources for buying Retin-A. Some folks order their medications over the internet from companies that have a mail-order business. It is more convenient and sometimes cheaper. I was looking for a place to get Retin-A and Fawnie located that Mexican provider. They do not require a prescription as long as it is for your own personal use, and they accept credit cards.

This is good for me right now because I am in Canada and cannot get home to the States for awhile, and my Retin-A is running low. So I am going to order some online and hope it doesn't get stopped at the border. It will all depend on what kind of day the customs folks are having. I hope it's a good one for my sake.
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Thanks mirecka not sure though personally about ordering stuff from mexico id be too much of a wimp to worry about what was in the ingredients but good luck with it!
I was concerned about this too but it turned out well (so far). I ordered several tubes of Retin-A on the Medsmex website on March 2, they shipped it out on March 5, and it arrived today (March 13). I guess the customs folks at the Canadian border were having a good day. No customs, no questions.

The product is actually Retin-A - the trade name used by Janssen pharmaceuticals. It was manufactured in Mexico but it seems to be the same product that would be distributed to local pharmacies and not a special batch made up just for sale by this on-line company.

The expiration dates are also good. I ordered two strengths (0.05%, 0.1%) and they were manufactured in the last couple of months with a two year expiration date.

Now the prices for this source are higher than Alldaychemist, but Medsmex takes American Express which was important for me. I did not have a proper means of payment for Alldaychemist (who does not take Canadian credit cards - at least this is what they told me per e-mail).

I have not tried the product yet, but so far I am pleasantly surprised by this on-line purchase.
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I received my two Retin-A 0.05% tubes today and am excited to give them a try! I didn't realize the tubes would be as big as they are. Anyway, I am curious Mirecka about the 0.1% as opposed to 0.05% - I take that it is twice as strong. I am wondering if I should have ordered one of those instead of two 0.05%.
Hi Sandi. Yes - the Retin-A 0.1% is twice as strong as the 0.05%. I ordered both from Medsmex.

I have been using the 0.05% for six months now and am ready to move onto the higher concentration on just a couple of deep creases that I have on my forehead. It is very, very strong - and so I have some major peeling going on right now. For me that is not a problem because I am at home most days. When I do have to go out and look "normal" I stop a day or two ahead of time and let it clear up. The 0.05% I am continuing to use on the rest of my face, and have started using it gradually on my neck and hands as well.

I suppose that one could order just the 0.1% and cut the concentration 50/50 with an appropriate diluent - but it wasn't worth the hassle for me.
Hi! Thanks for such a great response. Each of you answered all my questions. It is good to get a reference before ordering from a strange source off the web. I have done it in the past and just crossed my fingers and hoped it was legit! I tried the Retin-A last night and everything was fine this morning. Maybe that is because I have been using the RoC for the last few weeks. Fawnie, the S&H is high but I suppose that covers no matter how much you purchase? Anyway, no big deal on going to PO - we live in a small town so if I want my mail I have to go anyway. Also, had to sign for medsmex too. Periwinkle, I absolutely cannot believe the prices of ADC. That was another reason I was hoping for input because they seem too good to be true! I will definitely give them a try in the future but since I just got these 2 tubes with 40 g each I have a feeling they will be lasting a while. I might browse their site again to see what else they offer! LOL! Mireckca, I am home all the time too - work from the internet so not as worried about the peeling. I tried the RoC on my "turkey" neck and my neck seems to be a lot more sensitive than my face - no peeling but really really red. Never even thought to try it on my hands though. Let me know how your results come out. You said you have been using this six months? Not knowing anything except you are using this for wrinkles, have you seen good results? I am in my early 50s and never noticed them before. I lost weight 2 years ago and now that my face is not as full they have become really really noticeable. Like I said in my first post, I have tried the cheaper face creams that make all these promises and don't do what they say. I read an article about RoC and some good results and then read that Retin-A was even better. I am really hopeful and excited that maybe this is the answer for some of it short of getting plastic surgery - don't have the big $$$ and figured if I started on my face I wouldn't be happy until I had every other part of my body lifted and all that good stuff.
Anyway, nice to meet all of you. I really like the helpful advice and the friendliness here!
Sandi - just a suggestion - break down your postings a bit. A large block like this one is hard to read - I almost skipped it because it is hard to read but then saw my name and decided to try again.

My situation is similar to yours - I had very good skin, but then hit 50 and aging starting settling in. I lost alot of weight last year (60 lbs) and the skin started sagging on my face. You have to check out the threads on this site for "facial exercises" - do a search. I recently started and can say that it has already given me positive results. When I stretch back my skin to "normal" position many of my lines disappear. This says to me that no amount of Retin-A will solve my problems - alot of them will go away if I can bulk up my cheek area, for example, so that skin is not hanging in my jaw area.

But the Retin-A has definitely helped my lines and wrinkles. I have a couple of creases like I said that need more aggressive treatment - so I am using the 0.1% strictly on those areas. The 0.05% I am using elsewhere - the hands are important for me since there is some sun damage due to a lifetime of exposure and too much time unprotected in my youth, I suppose.

All the best to you - it is good to have others to corroborate with in this fight vs. aging. (Notice how I broke up my long post
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mirecka -- I have sun damage on my hands too because of all the gardening I do (plus the outdoor painting I can't get DH to do). I just ordered Strivetin hand cream -- never used the products before but thought I'd give it a try.
Let me/us know how you like the hand cream. I think that I told you earlier that their deep wrinkle serum (HS) did nothing for me - and I used it for several months. Their SD cream is supposed to work vs. wrinkles but has done nothing for me either - but I do use it on my neck and face as a moisturizer and it is good for that.

Strivectin also makes one of those instant wrinkle fillers (WF) that I was thinking of trying for special events/occasions that I need a quick fix, though temporary. Anyone here try it or know someone who has?

Here's the link to the product at Skinstore -

StriVectin-WF Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler Reviews - 115% Price Protection
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