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medsmex for retin-a

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Medicine Mexico :: Starting with R :: Retin A Cream, 0.05%

Reports are that theirs is better than ADC.

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Second best place I know to buy it. Almost as cheap as allday. Where did you hear it is better? I've bought from both and both have worked well for me.
Peri, the girls at the DaySpa told me.

Did you have any probs with your CC with this site?
Did they ask you for a written Rx, or is it like ADC?

Mireckca, I found the trick to pulling up the list at MedsMex is to click on the Price List. When I typed in "Retin-A" or "tretinoin" it gave me "nada". Quirky.
No CC problems. I dont remember them asking for a Rx.
Allday is very legit. I've ordered several times. Best prices and legit products.
I'd stick to the 0.05% if I were you. The 0.1% is really strong. No added benefit to the stronger % according to most studies. The prices do make you laugh.

Order at least 4 tubes to justify high shipping prices. The reason they can sell so cheap is they actually manufacture their own Tretinion. At least that's what I recently read.
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1 - 4 of 40 Posts
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