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medsmex for retin-a

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Medicine Mexico :: Starting with R :: Retin A Cream, 0.05%

Reports are that theirs is better than ADC.

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Peri, the girls at the DaySpa told me.

Did you have any probs with your CC with this site?
Did they ask you for a written Rx, or is it like ADC?

Mireckca, I found the trick to pulling up the list at MedsMex is to click on the Price List. When I typed in "Retin-A" or "tretinoin" it gave me "nada". Quirky.

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Thanks, Kissdaski for pointing out to me how to find Retin-A on the MedsMex website!!! It was tricky! I never would've figured it out!!

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Hi sandi and welcome!
I have ordered recently from ADC and can vouch for their integrity and products. I ordered several things from them to justify the $24.95 S&H.
It took 2 weeks from the time I ordered to get my order. I did have to go to the PO (USA) to sign for it, though.
No problems *touch wood* with my USA credit card either. Highly recommend.

I 2nd mireckca's thought about the Facial Exercises!

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On the subject of great creams, Gold Bond Ultimate Restoring Lotion has a lot of good things in it, including vits A, C, E, collagen, ceramides, shea butter, retinol, jojoba, and here's a $1 off coupon:

Gold Bond Ultimate Lotions, Creams and Powder

It's almost too good to be true for a drugstore lotion. Kassy uses this as a base for adding other goodies like Lactic Acid, Glucosamine, CoQ10 and MSM, to name a few.

Have you seen those FoxGloves for lady gardeners? They are soft but have nubs on the fingers and palms for better wear. Great for the delicate jobs!

Let me/us know how you like the hand cream. I think that I told you earlier that their deep wrinkle serum (HS) did nothing for me - and I used it for several months. Their SD cream is supposed to work vs. wrinkles but has done nothing for me either - but I do use it on my neck and face as a moisturizer and it is good for that.

Strivectin also makes one of those instant wrinkle fillers (WF) that I was thinking of trying for special events/occasions that I need a quick fix, though temporary. Anyone here try it or know someone who has?

Here's the link to the product at Skinstore -

StriVectin-WF Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler Reviews - 115% Price Protection
Hi Mireckca
Tried it. All that Sti-Vectin stuff is Caca, as you found out too. Egg white on your face would do as well.

Estee Lauder Perfectionist Power Correcting Patches for Deeper Lines and Wrinkles are great for special occasions when you need to look rested and 18 years old. The technology is interesting: little patches with goo on them and tiny batteries which zap you. Used under the eye area it smoothes and lifts for about 8 hrs. Long enough for Cinderella - it should work for us!

Skincare - By Category - Problem Solvers - Perfectionist Power Correcting Patch for Deeper Eye Lines/Wrinkles — EstÃa9e Lauder Official Site

I would think the batteries would have to be fresh, so eBay wouldn't be my first choice to find them. Nordstrom has them though. They are fun! I reuse them, altho they are supposed to be one use only.

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