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medsmex for retin-a

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Medicine Mexico :: Starting with R :: Retin A Cream, 0.05%

Reports are that theirs is better than ADC.

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just noseing in on your covo but are you guys trying to sort out a new retin a for yourselves? just being curious but dont really have clue what your on about anyway
Thanks mirecka not sure though personally about ordering stuff from mexico id be too much of a wimp to worry about what was in the ingredients but good luck with it!
Mirecka i dont know im too scared to do that id be far too worried about what they really put into these things! May be im just too much of a wimp though, At the mo im gonna stick to the green cream see how that goes to be honest im not even sure one hundrend per cent about using a ret product, you hear so many stories about this ruining people skins too, but just have to take a chance suppose, hope it works for you thoug
I dont know how reliable companys are but there are companys now in uk selling ret a and micro ret products, if you do google search for these pharmacys!
Mari congrats on being ELITE now

However just a suggestion but can you not wear gloves as well while outside to save your hands a bit too!
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Has anyone here heard of skin fix product, i know that they are in uk, usa and canda great for any sort of skin damage, acne, excema etc and all natural products! They have an on line sight!

Check it out!
1 - 6 of 40 Posts
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