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medsmex for retin-a

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Medicine Mexico :: Starting with R :: Retin A Cream, 0.05%

Reports are that theirs is better than ADC.

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Hi! I came across the website in early March. I had just ordered RoC multie-correctional night cream. After purchasing what seems like a million different products, this one seemed to help right away for wrinkles. When I came across this website I read about medsmex. I was a little skeptical but went ahead and ordered. I didn't see about alldaychemists until today. I received my two Retin-A 0.05% tubes today and am excited to give them a try! I didn't realize the tubes would be as big as they are. Anyway, I am curious Mirecka about the 0.1% as opposed to 0.05% - I take that it is twice as strong. I am wondering if I should have ordered one of those instead of two 0.05%. Also, can someone give me more info about alldaychemists? I checked their website and the prices are unbelievable! Actually half the size but $2 or $3 a tube? Am I reading that right? LOL! It also says comparable to Retin-A. Has anyone used their products? I am also curious about shipping as it was pretty expensive from medxmex. Thanks everyone! Glad I found this site. Everyone seems so very helpful!
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Hi! Thanks for such a great response. Each of you answered all my questions. It is good to get a reference before ordering from a strange source off the web. I have done it in the past and just crossed my fingers and hoped it was legit! I tried the Retin-A last night and everything was fine this morning. Maybe that is because I have been using the RoC for the last few weeks. Fawnie, the S&H is high but I suppose that covers no matter how much you purchase? Anyway, no big deal on going to PO - we live in a small town so if I want my mail I have to go anyway. Also, had to sign for medsmex too. Periwinkle, I absolutely cannot believe the prices of ADC. That was another reason I was hoping for input because they seem too good to be true! I will definitely give them a try in the future but since I just got these 2 tubes with 40 g each I have a feeling they will be lasting a while. I might browse their site again to see what else they offer! LOL! Mireckca, I am home all the time too - work from the internet so not as worried about the peeling. I tried the RoC on my "turkey" neck and my neck seems to be a lot more sensitive than my face - no peeling but really really red. Never even thought to try it on my hands though. Let me know how your results come out. You said you have been using this six months? Not knowing anything except you are using this for wrinkles, have you seen good results? I am in my early 50s and never noticed them before. I lost weight 2 years ago and now that my face is not as full they have become really really noticeable. Like I said in my first post, I have tried the cheaper face creams that make all these promises and don't do what they say. I read an article about RoC and some good results and then read that Retin-A was even better. I am really hopeful and excited that maybe this is the answer for some of it short of getting plastic surgery - don't have the big $$$ and figured if I started on my face I wouldn't be happy until I had every other part of my body lifted and all that good stuff.
Anyway, nice to meet all of you. I really like the helpful advice and the friendliness here!
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Thanks for the tip about breaking up my posts a bit. It was a bit much wasn't it?

Congrats on losing 60 pounds! I have put a few on since winter so now need to lose about 5 again.

I have sagging skin around my jawline - yuck! I will definitely check out the facial exercises though. Thanks for the advice. I never thought exercises could help!

I was wondering if anyone uses the RoC multi-correctional for eyes? I started using it and have found that it is really helping with the "bags" under my eyes. I drink plenty of water, etc., but I have one persistent eye that just sags. This seems to tighten better than any other I have tried.

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