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Microdermabrasion and Pores

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I have huge pores and uneven skin tone on my cheeks and forehead. Therefore, I'm considering doing microdermabrasion. Has anyone here ever done microdermabrasion? If so, was it effective in smoothing your complexion? Feel free to post photos or message me.

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I have had a few treatments done at a local place near my house. After the first one I got, my skin did look really good. It did look like some of the lines faded and my overall skin tone looked great too. Pores did seem to be smaller as well and my whole face felt tighter. But the problem was, after about a week, my skin started to feel rough again and all the problems resurfaced. I had another treatment done and the results were not the same. In fact, after the second time, my face just felt sore and got red. I had a third one done about 4 months after the second and it STILL did not give as good results as my very first time. Overall I was disappointed with the procedure and also the money wasted.
Trisha, how old are you? I'm only 19, and I'm just wondering if age has any effect on the results of the treatment.
I was told by my doctor that using a exfoliating cleanser or home microdermabraison is acutally better since it does the process over a longer period of time and allows your skin to adjust naturally.
if anyone is interested you can make your own micodermabrasion product and buy the fine crystals on ebay. i find the store bought stuff are expensive and dont agree with my acne prone skin and the crystal can be bought for less the 10 bucks and you can make about 4oz scrub with your favorite cream or cleanser.
i tried the neutrogena microdermabrasion kit at home a few times and it did makes my skin FEEL really smooth, but visibly i noticed no difference. maybe thats because i exfoliate daily with my own homemade scrub anyways. but as for the large pores you should use a witch hazel based toner, daily scrub, oil-blotting tissues and a good powder foundation.
I'm using the neutrogena microdermabrasion thingy, and I don't think it's doing much.
There's an article on my blog ( which I wrote called Microdermabrasion Matters. I use a microderm system 2x/week and it's working really well for me.
There's an article on my blog ( which I wrote called Microdermabrasion Matters. I use a microderm system 2x/week and it's working really well for me.
wow looks like you really know your stuff! No wonder you're the skin care teacher
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Depends on your skin type may want to check with your derm or esthetician (although a derm would know better). Some skin types....if you have active should NOT do dermabrasions or can irritate it and make it worse.

If you skin is normal....then you could do a number of different ones out there....look for the one with the most pure or natural ingrediants and as mild as you can find.

It will take some time, but eventually you should notice a light to moderate smoothing of the area or texture.
I had the same experience as Trisha. First time results were noticable but after nope nada nutN. But VToodler at only 19 I'm not sure if it's a good idea. You may want to try other alternatives that are safer for your young skin.
I use Epidermx and love it. They upgraded their formula to be even better. I know with this product, they don't add a lot of fillers than many of the other companies do!

I had scar tissue on my face from a car accident years ago - it felt thick like (almost keloid like) and using that 2 x a week made that thickness go away and smoothed those scars to where you don't see them!

Next I'm going to try it on an old tattoo that I don't want anymore. It's still only outline (no color) so we'll see!
I have found that the Clarisonic Brush helps a lot. I have seen significant improvement.
I bought the DermaNew tool. I think this is a slow process. My face feels really smooth after use. I'm in hopes that eventually the skin will be abraded enough that the pores won't be as deep.
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A microdermabrasion is really good for the pores and to even your skin tone. I do it regularly and is very happy about it. You can read a review about microdermabrasion of you search for Novasans and microdermabrasion on google. :) Hope this helps!
I've had one microdermabrasion done and it distinctly reduced theporeson my cheeks near the nose. You have to be careful with micro though, because too many treatments can thin out your skin and make i more prone to wrinkles. Micro should always be followed by barrier-rebuilding treatments
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