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I don't know if this has already been posted, but has anyone ever had a professional microdermabrasion treatment and noticed a significant improvement? I'm considering doing one or at least speaking with a dermatologist about my skin texture.
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I don't know anyone who has had a professional treatment but I do sell Mary Kay microdermabrasion and all of my clients are hooked. Just be cautious as to how often you use....
Yes, this has been posted-not that long ago actually.

Try and find it I posted my reply of my own experience on there.
Yes, I had about four sessions of microdermabrasion and it significantly lightened my skin
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I personally am not a fan of traditional microdermabrasion. I do love the new Ultrasonic microderm (wet microderm). I use it in my studio and the results are fantastic! The skin is left hydrated, glowing and incredibly clean. Also, no redness or irritation. The machines can also be used to infuse product into the skin for deeper efficacy. I use the US Micro before I do extractions and the debris practically flies out of the pores! Combine this with a peel and good and you have fabulous results!
My wife has had it, and she really enjoyed the results. She said her face feels very smooth, and alive.
I haven't but Im interested in hearing other people's results.
I love microdermabrasion! I had my first six months ago and two since. I wish I had tried it years ago. It made my skin incredibly smooth and slightly evened out my skin tone. I also feel that it probably helps my Retin A and other products penetrate my skin more deeply. I only wish the glow my skin has after the procedure would last longer.
Good to hear people's experiences. I have never tried it, but it does sound like it can have some positive benefits. Something to consider.
I had it. It is nice, but it didn't improve skin a lot. The skin become smoother. It depends what results do you expect from treatment. You have to do about 10 sessions to have good result. I would prefer mesotherapy. Better results, but it is difficult to find good msotherapist. i don't know why mesotherapy is not that popular in UK.
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