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Mixed Chicks Review

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Hello Everyone

As you know I am always on the look out for the latest beauty finds and recently I had the pleasure of trying out Mixed Chicks newest additions: Mixed Chicks Shampoo and Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner.

Mixed Chicks believes that ?Great hair starts with a great shampoo?. These products are specially formulated for curly hair and multiracial hair of all lengths, textures, and sizes
Anyone can use these products even if you have straight hair.

Well, I?m here to let you know that these products really are great! This product really did get my hair ?great?. I have naturally curly hair and this product does just what it says:
?\tads luster
?\tcontrols frizz
?\tads luster
The light fresh scent and a little goes a long way for me was a bonus
I truly enjoyed using the shampoo because I got results.

Now if what you?re looking for is an awesome deep conditioner to ?reconstruct damaged areas and transform style-stubborn hair into easy to maintain tresses? then this is the right product for you. What I loved about this conditioner in particular was that it conditioned my hair all over even underneath and in between. I also liked that it doesn?t weigh my hair down. This product also really does what it says:
The light fresh scent can also be sniffed in this product and a little goes a long way really does apply here too.

The products are very affordable and very generous in size. You can get the 10oz. Shampoo for $11.99 and the 8 oz. big tub of deep conditioner for $10.99. You can also get a trio that includes all full sizes of the shampoo, conditioner, and their leave-in conditioner/styling cream for a great value of $33.00

There are also great hair products for men available-for all of you curly hair guys looking for a great way to care for your locks.

You can find all of the information on all of the products and even contact the staff at: Mixed Chicks Home for your free samples of the leave-in. You can also find Mixed Chicks at Beauty Brands: Makeup, Perfume, Skin Care and Hair Care Products at

I hope you too will find your way to great hair and as always Happy Shopping
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How are you able to write in different colors?
I got my Mixed Chicks conditioner samples last night and I was so excited! I tried it this morning and so far so good - I haven't had the chance to look in a mirror since my hair has dried but I think I'm going to like it! So thank you so much for telling me about this product.

If you want to write in different colors you just select the text & pick the color from the tool bar, just like you would in Word. Or you can write your own HTML.
Thank you so much for this review! I just finished reading the website and am ordering this for both my daughter and myself! I am so happy that I found this forum!
I like it okay. It depends on how kinky your curls are. Mine are really kinky and frizzy, so it just worked okay.
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