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Mole removal

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Am wanting to have some moles removed from my face and nose.

Wondering if its best to have this done by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon, priority being to minimize scarring.

Any suggestions or advice?

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plastic surgeons might be best for the overall appearance, but a visit to the dermo might be warranted as well.

No one here is seen you or know the size and appearance. Many times dermos can do them or suggest a plastic surgeon that will coordinate them being tested afterwards, etc.

I had one taken off of my neck, not the same, but that was done by a general practitioner. My mother got one taken off her face and that has been lasered several times to try and minimize the dark spot. So a dermatologist being there to advise wouldn't hurt.
Aren't there any creams or something else that can do it except a dermatologist and plastic surgeon?

Btw, what's the difference between blackheads and dark moles?:p
A plastic surgen does not need to remove moles i just went to my dermo to get my ones done! Howeve ones that are not sticking out means you will need stiches on the face area and this may hurt, normally they just its only the promenant ones that needs taking out!

Also take a picture of your moles so this way you you can keep an eye out for any change in them!
Have you checked with a dermo already to determine whether or not the moles are cancerous? That'll help determine (who and) how they can best be removed.
Mole Removal Skincare Treatment
A neighbor of mine just had two moles removed. She had them cut off with a scalpel under local anesthesia.
Personally a dermatologist/plastic surgeon would be a last solution. What's the best cream to use instead?
I posted a long reply in another thread but I just wanted to reiterate that any good dermatologist worth their medical degree can competely remove moles as good or BETTER than a plastic surgeon!

I've had several removed for both cosmetic and medical reasons and honestly, the ones done by two different surgeons left the worst scars! : ( In one case it may have been the renowned Dr. Dupere's ditzy assistant that botched the stitch job. I actually head the panic in his voice when he said "You dropped the stitch" before he took over!
My derm has done 4 and they look SO much better.

Proceed with caution & note that surgeons charge more. Although if it's for medical reasons it's covered by OHIP.

Good luck!
er, that was "competently"... I should learn to proof read before posting.

Note that anything that has to be excised below the suface of the skin will require stitches & therefore leave a more noticeable scar line.

Moles that can be removed with the circular scalpel to be flush with your skin can heal quite nicely & just leave a little spot much easier to fade or cover up with a dab of concealer.

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ooo..My b/f accidently shaved his halfway off then like 2days later all the way off on his underarm..he said he didnt notice until the pain really started up *it really stung* is this bad that he accidently did that?
The plastic surgeon I go to always has the excised mole(s) tested for cancer. My DH went to a derm who didn't follow the procedure; the mole has returned and his doctor has made an appointment with the plastic surgeon because "it doesn't look right."
Mari has a good point! If you are having something removed for "cosmetic" reasons ask the Dr. if they will be sending it for testing - you can never be too careful.

My dermatologist is a wonderful woman, she is very proactive & always sends anything she removes from a patient to the lab to test for cancer. She saved my life.
I had a mole removed from my face. I had a plastic surgeon do it. I would not do it any other way, however I did have to go to the dermatologist before to get a referral. I would not have had it removed if the dermatologist was going to do it.

The mole was not raised so they had to cut in my skin and I had a couple stitches. It wasn't very painful and the scare is not very noticeable. I'm glad I did it b/c the mole on my check kept growing larger.
lol he doesn't sweat as bad, I actually think its better. Pit hair grosses me out...lmao
Hi, Tucan Sam!

I had a stupid mole on the side of my nose. My dermatologist removed it by doing the following:

Tiny injection of pain killer (probably Lidocaine)
Surgical removal perfectly level with the regular skin using dainty scalpel
Something like a styptic pencil to stop bleeding
Dab of antibiotic

By the next morning, I washed my face and the tiniest bit of a scab washed off leaving a totally normal circle of skin (not even a pink spot!!!)

Now, maybe my dermatologist is particularly skilled but I don't think so. He's very young and was new to the joint practice.

Whatever you do, never let a stupid dermatologist use cauterization. It melts the skin and then sebum gets trapped under there forever! Still have an ugly spot on my cheek that looks like a forever-clogged pore!

Be brave!
Go to a good dermatologist and you should be fine. Get a referral from friends, relatives, coworkers or a nurse. Ask around. Obviously, I've learned some are competent and some are hacks.

God bless you, Sam!

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well there is this cream named itworkspaste i know some ppl who used it and it worker beautifully, no scarring.
Plastic surgeon of course...
I think go first to the dermatologist and consult if the mole is cancerous. If cancerous, you better go to the surgeon for the removal.
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