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More DIY Ingredients!

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Here is a site that has a vast array of DIY anti-ageing and other skin care ingredients....some I'd never even heard of but now realize I can't live without. The beauty is that they tell you what it is used for and how to formulate with it. Warning: this stuff ain't cheap! But when you factor is how much you'll save by making your own v. buying the expensive stuff in the fancy jar, it's a bargain!

Active Ingredients and Cosmeceuticals

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Thanks fawnie for that, do you know how much shipping costs are so far not too impressed with Is Clincal Serum may be il just use though il give it another week though before I scream at waisted money and kick myself in the bee hind!
May be this way i could make up my vit c and ret cream? However though would i get in trouble for bringing these products into UK though! Thanks for info though fawnie!
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Hi I did have quick look earlier but could not find ant shipping info, il check again, im not too sure what the laws are here as far as bringing stuff in to the country but then again if it works out more than just buying the products not really worth it anyway! We have quite a few of brands here now anyway so il just see what works out cheaper!

I have not yet invested in baby Q was bit worried after hearing about side effects etc, do you get a money bk gaurantee with it if i dont like it for any reason?

I do def feel like iv got a lift since using the serum so il just see if it starts smoothing out my fine lines, im just being impatient, il give it a bit longer and see what happens really hopefully il be suprised! Le ya know how it goes anyway! Thanks though for the advice though, waiting to see if stuff actually works or not is always a pain for me!

You will have to let me though if any of the products you are experimenting with work for you though please!
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