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most effective skin lightener: whitening creams/ soaps or face masks?

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I have come across several skin lightening products in many forums namely: whitening creams, soaps, whitening masks and whitening cleansers. I am very confused. which skin lightener is more effective: soap, cream or simply a whitening face mask?
I am trying to get rid of a few acne scars on my cheeks and chin n also some sun spots on my face. any suggestions?

Questions: what are face whitening masks? has anyone here used them? Do they work? should these masks be used alone or together with face whitening creams? for how long should one expect to see results?

I have read about olay whitening range on the net. is this a recommended skin lightener? where can i buy this in the UK? I am surprised as Olay is a well known brand but I have not seen this range in any of the UK drugstores. any particular reason for this?
are skin lighteners dangerous and can they cause skin cancer?

pls advise on any 100% herbal skin lightening creams/soaps if any that works!!

any suggestions and opinions will be well appreciated.

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im using fair and lovely face doesnt really work
I would think that lightening cream would work the best....., however, I'm not too sure.

I'm using Fair and Lovely as well and have seen no visible results. I think it just helps in making the skin glow. lol, but I still use it before I apply my makeup, because it works a s WONDERFUL makeup base! Makes my face less oily and allows the makeup to last longer.
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pumi, for these types of marks, my opinion is that Retin A works very well. It creates faster cell turnover, so the dark marks seem to get pushed up much faster. At least that's the way it works with my skin!

I have another suggestion. You might want to hang out in the skin lightening forum and read up. There is a sticky for newbies that is very informative.
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