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Most people get dark circles under their eyes...

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Well, I'm not really sure if the skin around my eyes is unusually pale or the rest of my face is red, but there's a noticeable difference in skin tone around my eyes and I hate it. I don't think my face is noticeably red on its own, I have a history of acne problems but I've got that pretty much under control... Anyway I can't find any information. Other people must know what I'm talking about, right? All I'm using is a noxzema face cleanser... scrub... thing.

Could it be connected to not getting enough sleep? Or is that stupid...
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Here is a good article on dark circles. It might help you out. You can go to and search for dark circles. There is a really good article there on the subject.
I just had a quick browse for you and some people have said it could be from wearing glasses for many years [although i dont know why other than maybe stopping you catching the sun as much there???], it might be due to some creams or lotions you've applied on the area and caused the white spot, it can be a layer of dead cells, applying to much concealer to the area can cause it because of the amount of titanium and Zinc oxide in them, it could also even be an indication of intolerance of dairy products, or it could just be a superficial fungus or excema. Now its just figuring out which one it is :s.
Never worn glasses, don't use anything on my face but one cleanser, hardly ever use concealer, not allergic to anything I know of... I don't think it's a fungus lol. It's probably the rest of my face around it I guess, so the question is, how do I most easily reduce the redness?
Well, it might be rosacia but i dont really know anything about this subject but there is a seperate board for that on here so maybe ask on there? I dont really know how you could reduce it but the best thing for covering up redness is green powder concealer its really good but obviously make sure you cover it properly with your foundation.
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