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Moving away from Proactiv to...suggestions?

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Hey there,

I've been using Proactive for about 3 months now and want to switch to something less harsh. First, I should point out that this product has worked for me. I only use the cleanser and occaisionally the repair lotion. I should note, however, that I don't have acute acne. I suffer from very large, cystic type pimples that occur pre-menstruation. They are big, there are usually at least two, and they are VERY painful. Since using the Proactiv, I have only had one pimple, but I left it alone and it seemed to take care of itself. I'm 36 and am certain that there has to be a better product that is better for my, er, aging, slightly oily, skin than this. I think the difference for sure has been the benzoyl peroxide--all other products that I've tried (and haven't had the same luck with) have either contained salicylic or glycolic acids. Thoughts??? Thanks in advance.
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i always found proactiv to be too harsh for my skin--but if it worked for you, great! now i use a gentle aveeno cleaner and then use tea tree oil toner from Kiehls. it's really great---its not harsh or anything, but its natural and wonderful. best of luck!
I am in my forties and now use L'Bri Pure n' Natural skin care products. Their products are aloe based and am real pleased with the results. My daughter and I both used Proactive but did not see the results we were looking for. I am very pleased with L'Bri and wish that I had found them years ago.
After proactiv helped with my skin I started using just soap and water- my skin looks great.
there are tons of acne products that use the same ingredients as proactiv and are much cheaper. Do some shopping around for products with benzoyl peroxide.
Proactiv also has a gentle formula as well. I believe that they have a money back guarantee don't they? You could see if they'll switch up your regular formulation for the gentle formula for free.
Just cleasil? Its probs the benzol peroxide thats causing the harshness, but it works
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