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MSM - Weight Gain

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I was wondering if anyone has noticed weight gain while using MSM supplement ? I started taking it 1000 mg twice daily about a couple months ago. I have noticed that my hair grows faster and has more body...not sure if I noticed a firmer skin. However, I have gained about 3 pounds and it's been quite difficult to lose. I do feel it is water weight since I tend to lose it if I drink a lot of green tea in a day. I also feel more hungry when I take MSM.
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hey there. I have skin discoloration and want to get rid of it. I'm new and just started with it to reach my goal. I'm thinking about giving the MSM a try. I think it will be perfect for me because i want to gain weight and nails growing. Can somebody give me a website where i can buy the MSM online. Any help is welcome
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This is so discouraging. Three times I have tried MSM, giving it 4-5 weeks the first two, and now it has been 2 weeks the third time and I'm ready to quit. Even at 1 gram a day, split in two, I gain 2-3 lbs and change nothing else with my eating/exercise. Bloat, yes, but that's not fun or comfortable. Everything is always just a little too tight, and I always feel that uncomfortable "full" feeling in my stomach even if I am hungry. Well - bloat! Not worth it to live like that, and I know it doesn't go away after 5 weeks anyway.

I've had great luck with my CPs without it, but I wish this worked for me.

Does anybody suppose that those of us who have problems with MSM already have enough sulphur in our bodies and don't need supplementation? Maybe this only works if one is deficient?
I'd talk to your medical professional, pmd. I've been taking MSM for a few years now, and I really like the benefits. For me, helps with joints, hair growth, nails, and probably other things I haven't linked to MSM yet.

There might be a blood test to measure whatever it is that MSM gives us in our body.Well worth asking.
I too started taking MSM supplements about 3 weeks ago and noticed that I have gained weight in spite of my strict dieting. It all started when I began taking a hair, nail and skin supplement with MSM. I am curious to see if other women have experienced the same thing. I have always had a very small waistline and since on this product have noticed an absolute chain in thickness in that area along with bloating. MSM is great for muscular and joint pain and hate the fact that I may have to get off of this product.
I began taking a supplement with MSM about 3 weeks ago and noticed a weight gain also. I wasn't sure what was happening. I was taking it for joint and lower back pain and it has tremendously helped in that area, but the weight gain and bloating is ridiculous!! As much as I would like to stay on this product, it seems that I will have to give it up. Thanks for sharing your experience with MSM.
ive also noticed a sudden, almost overnight weight gain. its even more evident in the stomach area too :(
then there is the head aches that feels like nothing i've experienced before

which is such a shame cos it definitely gave a glow to my skin
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I noticed a tiny weight gain and stop taking MSM.

I think it increases appetite, if you monitor what you eat and exercise regularly than you should not experience weight gain. Most of the weight gain I see while taking MSM is in the good areas, butt and boobs, my stomach is still flat
Mine to tummy flat
research the msm powder, I heard that is less expensive, and more effective..

Im assuming the best way is to put a measured amount into a cup of water... hope that helps
I put my msm in orange juice and take a vitamin C that makes it more effective. I haven't noticed any weight gain and I have been taking it for 6 months. My hair has grown a lot and i have to cut my nails because they grow to long. I use doctors best MSM powder but i have noticed that this brand doesn't blend well the crystals sink to the bottom of the cup and its very bitter but worth it.
I have been taking the capsules from gnc they work very well for growing my hair but I have noticed steady weight gain since I have been taking it. I do work out regularly and have noticed that I have gained about 20 pounds since I have started taking it over 3 years ago. But I do have to mention that the weight went to good places I've gone from a 32 b to a 32 dd and my hips went from 34 to 38 . I don't eat much junk or fatty foods so I think it is my supplements. I just got to watch out , I don't want to get too big, but my hair and nails love the stuff.
I would really like to gain weight so will take this!
you should never take caps or pills they are full of fillers. The loose powder is the way to go. I have never gained weight with the stuff
stay away from the capsules and the pills always use loose powder, drink in orange juice or anything with vitamin C and if you take with flaxseed oil and a high potency vitamin B supplement oh boy! hair growth for years!
weight gain occurs when using pills or powder? what is exactly "loose powder"?
MSM comes in crystal, powder, caps and pills. I used the pills and man did it ever give me headaches. The powder comes just like it says powder in a bag measured in grams. Go on ebay and you will find it like a dime a dozen, Get the ignisul kind,. Make sure you also get the kind for human consumption because they do sell the kind for horses or in other countries. I have been using this stuff for years and then I quit for a while but I am back on it. The stuff is great for over all health just do your research.
ok thanks ,and did you notice weight gain with the powder msm ?
I think that the bloating and weight gain is as a consequence of detox symptoms. I'm also suffering, but I know I have a candida problem,mand the bloating is typically our bodies trying to rid of toxins, short term problem for long term gain. I also have a problem with skin, hence going it, but also want to get rid of the candida. The msm what I have read helps increase the ph of the body which in turns allows it to remove toxins. Persevere guys!! She says with bloated tummy!! ;-)
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