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Hi everyone. I'm new here, I just want some help with my skin problem I'm having right now.

Basically, 6 months ago (this summer) I used to wash my face with a toner and had NO skin problems at all except for 1 or 2 pimples once in a while. I bought a bottle of Spectrogel and it dried out my skin so bad. My skin felt tight after I cleaned it with water after using this product, also note that my skin didnt look as good and I had more pimples. Now here is my problem. Since that time, i have problems with my sebum. In the 1st-2nd month of using the product that dried out my skin, my face felt very tight. Afterwards, 2 months later aproximately, I started to notice a lot of production of sebum coming from my nose ( dots of oil over my pores ) and it was worst in a cold / dry environment. Blackheads started to show alot more and the sebum just made my nose really oily.

Now i still have the problem, and I notice I have alot more sebum when im exposed to dry and cold air. I have fine lines on my nose too and it feels dried out with alot of Sebum. I've tried water based moisturizer but it doesnt seem to moisturize enough. I used a Thick moisturizer but makes me break out, but i find it helped alot on the sebum

Can anyone who knows my problem help me plz
it would be very appreciated. Thanks Alot


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I would say that a "penetrating" moisterizer will help. I use one from Aveda, but there are many on the market. Stay away from anything with alcohol content and this does dry out the skin especially during the winter months.

You could also try to exfoliate very mildly once per week (nothing agressive though, it sound like your skin has been through enough) but this will remove anything else that might be assisting in the blockages of your pores.

Winter months defintiely require alternative treatments that spring and summer, so also look for a natural moisterizing soap for the shower.

I wrote an article on the difference between summer and winter treatments that might help. These are some of the suggestions.

If water continues to tighten your skin you may want to have your water checked for the chemicals that reside in it. There are chemicals in everyones water, and since it is essential to good, healthy skin, it might be worth investigation.

If found high in certain chemicals, you could consult a dermatologist or go ahead and get a water prurifier for the faucet you use most often to cleanse your face. Again if suggested harmful by a dermatologist, you could consider changing out your shower head with something that would filter the water.

Good luck.
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