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Age: 21 Tahun
Skin type: Oily, sensitif (This is just my guess, but i don't know exacly)

I'll tell short story about my acne. I am a person who ignore about anything and plus my father told me to become "A MAN who have YOUR OWN IDEALIST" simple is "Be your self". That make me become a person who ignore anything and also my body(this is the BAD thing).

Start with junior high school First level(class), my acne appear, i thing that is puber season so i ignore it. But It appear continuously until senior high school until i become collage student(1,5 year collage student). During the time, i never use a medicine(crim, etc - you can imagine that). When beginning fourth semester i use some of medicine. I use POND'S(clear solution). After that for sure my acne look gone a little.

But after i wash my face with it my skin face look exfoliate(just like if you got injury and dry but smooth exfoliate. Surely, it little bit difficult to discribe). After approximately 1,5 hour it gone (more suitable is invisible). I guess because oil in my face already get out.

My question how to disappear that(just like 1,5 hour after wash)? at least cannot be look by other

I have many question about acne as follows:
How to disappear pocky on skin?
How to disappear black spot because acne?
How to same my skin? Because my skin striped. My skin actualy yellow (just like asian skin)
How Maximum healing on former because acne(percent)?

sebenernya masih banyak lagi. tapi yang paling inti adalah yang atas. Tolong bantu'in ya temen2

I have many question more than that, but core question is first question.

Thank You

NOTE: Sorry about my English.

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Hi cupluk

Let me try to help you please.

Dark spots and acne. Some people have good success using something very simple, like salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid) products. Many brands are available with this ingredient. It helps to fade the dark spots left behind by acne and prevent new pimples from forming. Neutrogena makes a mild line called Stress Control for Acne that contains this ingredient.

Pock marks on skin. Exfoliation and patience! Sometimes if the pockmarks are deep it could require dermabrasion done by a Doctor or esthetician in an office.

Making the skin all the same color. Ondine under the "Skin Lightening" section here on this site can give you good advice. If you post a question there or just look at other posts you may find your answer!

How to keep your face looking like it has just been washed? If your skin is very oily, you may need an Oil Blotting product that contains microsponges to mop up the oil. That would be a cosmetic and someone in a cosmetics department could help you find the right product. A Makeup Primer could help to mattify the skin also. These are invisible on the skin.

If you mean that your skin looks very raw and injured after washing, maybe a more mild cleanser would be good. Some ppl like African Black Soap and Likas soap for lightening and acne both. If you Google these names they will pop up for you. HERE is some good info about them.

I hope this is a little bit of help to you! Welcome to the forum!

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