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Natural facial redness.

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I've had a natural facial flush since I was born. It occurs only on my cheeks and can get violently red when it is triggered. It is always there though , just more red when in the heat/cold/drinking alcohol. My skin is fair elsewhere and healthy so it is not Rosacea.

I know that it is caused by the blood vessels being too close to the skin and when they are heated etc. they dilate. My question is how can I hide these blood vessels? Isn't there a way to thicken the skin above the vessels?

My complexion is too contrasting with this , I need something which can act against this. I'm male and would rather not use a green tinted moisturizer.
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You say that your skin is red and that heat, cold, and alcohol is a trigger, so why do you believe it is not rosacea? Rosacea doesn't have to affect huge portions of skin, sometimes it's just the nose and cheeks.

If you understand that it probably is rosacea then you can find methods of controlling the condition.
I believe you should see a dermatologist to check whether you've rosacea or some other skin allergies. After that, you can seek the proper treatment.
I don't believe its rosacea because there I have never had any acne/spots on these red areas. Actually I've been told my skin is very clear. I've had it my whole life as doe's my sister and dad.

It could be Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea I guess , but it's located all over the cheek and not near or on the nose.

How about Telangiectasia. I do have permenant redness.

I know you guys can't really tell me what I have without actually examining me so I'll upload some pictures later. But if you guys have anything that can hide the small dilated blood vessels could you inform me.
Well can't post links or images until I reach 15 posts. Could be a while!
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We'll wait. I think the picture could shed some light on the situation.
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