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natural fairness

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hey all, has anyone tried 'natural-fairness' products?
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also would like to hear.. so, i'll just stand here with you and wait...
I have severe hyperpigmentation on my cheeks which I have had for about 20 years or more. I have been using the Diana Stalder products, namely the skin whitening cream, and the licorice soap. I received it 4 days ago and something quite unbelievable has happened - my skin has peeled and revealed new skin and more or less no pigmentation on my cheeks, there is only one dark spot the size of a pea, which I have had for 30 years which is left to go. Because it appears too good to be true, I will keep in touch and let you know if my pigmentation returns, wish me luck
I just ordered some licorice soap, kojic acid soap and a kojic cream from vicki belo on going to give these a try and update in a couple weeks. Also i came across another natural way to lighten skin. you can take licorice extract and dilute it with water and use it as a toner evry night before bed, or just press on ur acne scars, and they are suppose to fade away...i am also going to give this a try and tell u how it goes
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Welcome to the forum, cassandra! It is great that you've found domething that is working for you so well. The thing with the natural 'fairness' formulations is that they have not been subjected to the same rigorous testing as conventional agents. This leaves mfgr's in a position to make very misleading claims. Arbutin & kojic acid can actiually lighten but typically, it takes a high dose to = the effects of low doses of HQ. For ex, to get the effect of 2% HQ, you need roughly 20% arbutin. This high % age is irritating to many people. Within the next 5 yrs, I bet they'll come out with a natural lightener that is as effective as HQ BUT w/o the irritation that comes from high doses of the 'natural' ingredients.
How potent is mulberry root extract in lightening compared to the other skin lighteners, inluding Hq?
I really like all the products from Kaya Skin Clinic
I read some good reviews on skin care at a website called vivelwow... check it out.. seet if u like it
In order to get the effectiveness of 2%HQ, you need 20% A-Arbutin. the natural agents are relatively weak. Some will brighten fair Asian or caucasian skin but none have ever been proven in a controlled study to signnificantly lighten brown to black skin.
A question for Ondine...wat % HQ do u use??
The prepared HQ I buy comes from ADC OR SSS & it is a 4% concentration.

I've been experimenting with a home-made compound with a 10% concentration using Eucerin as a base cream. I mix a 1 week supply at a time to avoid having the HQ oxidize & go brown on me. It is too soon to say whether it is lightening or not.

The HQ4%/RA routine was working very well for me (Back in Jan, I was the same dark red/brown as Jermaine Jackson!) but I wanted to experiment with other options. If the compounds I make prove disappointing, I'll simply return to the old routine.
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