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Natural hair care for the tenderheaded.

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It has been about 15 months since I last had my hair relaxed. I've had it out of twists for 2 weeks now.
What is the best maintenace habits for Natural hair? For managabiltiy I've made it a point to do 6 loosely plaited braids during the Washi/dry/trim process.
What I'm lacking now is:
  1. styling tips, that don't make me look like I'm a kid.

  1. Tried and true products (though Pantenes line for women of color works so far)
  2. recommended brands of hair care implements; My hair's laughing
    at the Titanium 450degree flat iron I tried to "straighten" it with.
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Why did you decide to go natural? I noticed you said it's been a while since you last got it relaxed meaning you have relaxed hair on your ends unless you trimmed all of that off. My cousins use Pantene Pro V's line for African American women and it does nothing for their hair. They have very kinky/dry hair. Even I don't use their stuff, but maybe your hair is different. Though I do recommend a better product.

I'm not sure about styling tips for natural hair. Mine is naturally wavy/curly but I relax it. I might as well since I straighten it w/ a flatiron anyway 90% of the time. It makes it that much easier. Which brand of flatiron do you use? That seems like a lot of heat to use on your hair though! Have you tried using Chi by Farouk? Most people who use it fall in love with it. I know I have. But if your trying to go natural and wear natural hairstyles, why try to straighten it?
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I braided my hair shortly before I was deployed to Iraq. My relaxed hair was shoulder length, fine, usually dry, and required a touch-up approx every 4-5 weeks to avoid breakage. I decided that I would not bother with relaxers while over there (in the sandbox), so I kept my hair in twists.
Now that I'm back home , I'm trying to remain natuarl and experiment with more styles and enjoy the versatility of my natural hair (hence the attempt to straighten).

RE: Pantenes products for women of color. My hair is "dry" usully, so I was extremely happy to find that their shampoo was milky. I demand the same for my skin care routine
. I was happy with the way my hair felt (moisturized) after using all 3 products.

I've not tried Chi, but may, if I stay natural. Thanks for the tip.
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Iraq! Well, welcome back!
I guess that's a good reason to stop getting them. I would prob. do the same thing. Is it easier for you natural though?

I can understand what you mean by breakage... a lot of people try to wait to get their relaxer and wonder why their hair sheds and is breaking. I get mine like every 4 or 5 weeks due rate of my hair growth. If I try to wait, its horrible! My hair is so frizzy and when I flatiron it, it has extra volume at the roots which looks bad.

My hair is only dry at the ends, not the roots. Surprisingly, I have an oily scalp so I can't not wash it often. I do give my hair hot oil treatments regularly with deep conditioners and reconstructors. I pretty much give my hair a treatment every other time I wash it. My mom thinks I wash it too much but I find that with the more often I wash it, the faster it grows. I don't forget to moisterize though.

Oh you should try chi! Its one of the best if not that! It's safe on your hair because it doesn't get too hot and it stays one temperature getting hot within seconds unless you buy Chi turbo. Chi Turbo you can adjust temperatures.

You probably won't believe but when I was in high school, I washed my hair everyday. I was a cheerleader and I sweat on my head plus I hate stinky hair. So I would wash it everyday, air dry it, then flatiron. Everyday. I don't anymore bcuz its too much of a hassle and not good to do it everyday. Now I just wash it and let it go.
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