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natural whitening

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i very new here, so please excuse me if i ask the same questions all over again, just couldn't find anything here..
i would like to make my skin lighter, to have such marble skin or porcelain skin

so, i was hoping to find any natural-organic-bio thing for me, since i'm mainly using only such products. i read some people mentioned it here, but didn't really name what exactly.
and another thing is- i don't know too much about sun care. i bought myself biotherm 50+, but i saw people always mention sun blocks or sun screens, is it the same things or do i need to buy something else not to get tan. would be nice if you recommend something specific. i am sorry, if ask too much..
and forgive my english, please!!
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I heard that makari is pretty good
If you want to know more about Sun Block or Sun screen, you might want to visit for more info. I know for sure that being in the sun too much is no good for you. The natural skin whitening thing? You might want to visit to check out some things for your lighten need. Happy lightening
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thank you! i'll go to check....
Hi I'm new here. I've heard that one way of lightening your skin is to protect it from the sun, so recently I bought a sunscreen SPF 30 from L'Oreal's solarexpertise range. when I got home and read the fine print on the tube I saw that it was for 'very fair Europeans skins that were already tanned' - I'm Asian, of Indian origin so do you know if I should use it? would it help me at all??
Hi Peppy and welcome to the site! Here is an answer to your questions, first I don't know of anything organic that would lighten your skin to that degree. Most of the people on this sight use an HQ lotion that lightens their skin colour. Secondly why do you see them writting about the sun block all the time? Because the sun will damage your skin, - it will darken your skin (tan- or burn) after the HQ process qucicker and undo all that lightning you've done if you don't wear a good high spf. I hope this answers your questions.
Moni is right again! There are natural agents that lighten skin either by exfoliating it or by mildly inhibiting tyrosine, but they are nowhere near as effective as HQ; 'the gold standard'. Despite mfgr claims, so far, when subjected to rigorous scientific testing, neither Alpha Arbutin (derived from bearberry extract) Kojic Acid (derived from a species of mushroom) or Sepi White (natrually derived from amino-acids) can compare to HQ in lightening ability. At best, they 'brighten' fair Asian or Caucasian skin. At 20% concentration A Arbutin can = 2% HQ BUT it causes many people irritation at 20% & is not as well tolerated as the 2% HQ.

'Natural' is a 'buzzword' to be wary of. People have been misled into believing natural=good & therefore safe. This is a dangerous misconception. The natural supplement/product industry is virtually unregulated so any mfgr can combine these naturally derives CHEMICALS with impugnity & make all kinds of claims.

Many lethal poisons from plant extracts to venom are lethal poisons. HEMLOCK grows by the side of most highways & some common houseplants can kill a grown adult rapidly if ingested. Don't take my word: look it up for yourself! Ricin, one of the most deadly substances is derived from castor beans & arsenic can be derived from apple seeds. There are also hihg enough concentrations of ketones in a small bottle of essential oil of oregano (& many other e-oils like clove oil) to kill an adult. A few drops can kill a baby. BUT, these can be purchased virtually anywhere & bear no warning labels or restictions as to who can purchase them! Please be cautious with this word 'natural'. It really doesn't mean very much.
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