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neck skin problems

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this neck skin problem has been happening since i was in high school of my junior year. but back in high school it would show up and go away. but now it stays around for awhile and during certain times it would go away or and show up at weird times. i went to the doctor to have it checked out but he kept saying just wash your clean your neck and i should be fine. i keep getting these red patches on my neck and it is really embarassing so i have to keep wearing collared shirts to hide them. i tried putting lotion on it to see if it helps but it would still show. does anybody know whats going on?

i'll post pics as soon as i get a camera.
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is it like a hottness that shows up when you are embarrassed? YOu know, like how some people blush in the cheeks? Sometimes people blush in the neck area too. This would happen to me when I had to speak in public, which just made my nervousness worse.
i think its a rash or something. no pics cause i need 25 post of more,s ucks.
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