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Need help for dry skin with acne

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I'm 22 years old and have never had acne until about three years ago. I've always had a good skincare routine, cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing, but the problem is now I'm breaking out but my skin is still dry and flaky. I've tried many different brands of mositurizers and cleansers (l'oreal, ponds, the body shop tea tree, cetaphil, etc), but nothing works. i believe the breakouts are hormonal (i'm still trying to find a contraceptive that i like), but i need a good moisturizer and cleanser to stop the peeling. Any suggestions?
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Thanks for the replies, but I'm sure its not sun exposure because I use SPF everyday. And salycylic acid really messes up my skin. In fact, I don't think it should be recommended for ANYONE with dry skin, even if they have acne. Anyway, I've been using a some new products: Ponds Radiance Restored Mositurizer and the Daily Exfoliating Cleanser and they're working! My skin is no longer peeling and stays moist all day.

I think the mistake I was making was using products for acne (which are targeted towards people with oily skin) and this was making my skin worse. But the thing is, I'm also two months pregnant so I'm not sure if my skin clearing up is a result of this of because of the new products. Well, I suppose I'll find out in the next 7 months or so
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