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need help with dry, sensitive, and acne prone face

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My face is all screwed up. I've always had dry skin...not just on my face. I've had acne since I was 12 (now 27), except for a few years when I was on birth control, which I can't take anymore because of heart issues. On top of that I am allergic to a large majority of skin care products.

So...the acne is hormonally caused (along my chin and jaw line) and isn't major, just annoying.

Lately, I purchased an anti wrinkle serum made by the same company that makes my face moisturizer, Beyond Belief Vita C only available at Sally Beauty Supply. Guess what? I am apparently allergic to it. I have an excema patch under both eyes, causing my bottom eyelid to swell. Beautiful!

I went out and purchased Alba hypo allergenic all natural "hawaiian"oil free facial moisturizer. I also purchased their eye serum, and toner. I figured the oil free face lotion wouldn't add to my acne problem, yet it's a natural product, hence I'm less likely to end up with a chemical allergy to it. The eye serum contain chamomile and lavender, which are natural anti-inflammatories. And the toner is supposed to balance the pH of your skin, in fact their whole product is pH balanced and hypo allergenic and natural. I've only used it once without a rash so far. What do you think of these products? Any other suggestions.

For make up I can use Physician's Formula Mineral Wear liquid foundation. I can also use their mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. I can use some Estelauder products. Right now I'm using their blush, but I cannot use their eyeshadow. I've tried and have broken out with Clinic, Mabeline, Covergirl (the worse) Loreal, Nuetrogena, well just about anything you can get from a drug store except physicians formula. What are the most common allergins found in makeup? Anyone know?

As far as soaps and cleaners go, I have bad reactions to benzoyl peroxiod. I'm currently using Clearasol Ultra with 2% Salictic Acid. It's harsh and although I don't think I am allergic to it, it may be making my skin more sensitive. Don't know what else to do about the acne though. Suggestions would be great.

I just cleaned my brushes with boiling water. I have in the past had staff infections in my face from sharing make-up with a friend. Then I infected the rest of my make up and ended up with cherry tomato gooed shut eyelids. That was fun and an expensive replacement of makeup.

any suggestions? I'm so tired of trial and error. I know I should go to a dermatologist and get some allergy testing done. I've spoke with my physician about this after she told me she wanted me off of birthcontrol and she wrote out a prescription saying alot of her clients like it; when I went to fill the prescription I learned that she prescribed a 10% maximum benzoyl peroxide cream...funny cause I told her I was allergic benzoyl peroxide and that was at 2% strength.

sorry this is long. help? anyone?
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Hi undecisiveskin,
I've had good results with La Roche-Posay. They make a line called Effaclar, which is designed for sensitive acne-prone skin. The Effaclar H is a good moisturizer that doesn't cause breakouts and can re-moisturize skin that is overworked from other treatments. Effaclar A.I. is the best spot treatment I have ever used - it doesn't overdry the skin but zaps the zits! hope this helps you!

Oops sorry Freddy, didn't mean to step ahead of you! See Freddy's post above.

Sometimes prescription meds will clash with skincare products, so if there's anything else you're taking, that could be the culprit. Consult with your doctor about that.

Are you using a shower filter? That should help, as will using bottled water (not tap) when you wash your face at the sink.

A lot of makeup and skincare products are trial and error, I know. Sometimes you'll break out the first few times you use it just because your skin isn't used to it. Any further applications probably won't cause a breakout.

Try sticking to the same brand for your products. Chances are there'll be less chance for the ingredients to clash with one another if the products are all from the same "family."

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
You know, I've read reports that say bottled water can sometimes be even worse than tap water. What's your take on that?
That's a whole other discussion board, I think. Depends on if it's filtered, spring, bottled at the source, etc. So many variables. Remember the big hullaballoo over Aquafina not too long ago?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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