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Need Opinion on what this is? Fungus or Safe Sun Spots? (Pics Inside)

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Hey guys I'm new here and I found this place on google and seems like a happening place with good information. I wanted to get an opinion, hopefully from a professional about some sun spots I have on my back.

Its on the lower back area and its been there for about 1-2 years now.... I want to know if its fungus or just safe sun spots that I don't need to worry about because I don't want it spreading, getting worse, stuff like that..

The only added info I want to put in besides the picture below is that I shave my lower back ( i grow minimal hair i dont like there ) and my lower half of my stomache. The lower half of the stomache also has some minor skin spots not as visible as my lower back.. Could this been connected to shaving hair off? I doubt it but wanted to include that just incase...

As you can see its very minor right now but I wanted to make sure... Thanks in Advance for your opinion and/or professional advice.
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It's really hard to tell in your picture. Does the skin feel any different? Does it feel irritated or hurt?

Have you had a doctor look at it?
All I see in the photo is a light patch of skin. I have that on a lot of parts of my body but I've had it since I was born. Lately I've been getting more light patches...

I have hair all over my body... even my back, and my, my, my..... ~burst into tears~ my butt! It's noticeable because its dark. I get tired of shaving it though!

I'm curious though... are you a guy or a girl?
Sun spots are darker than your natural skin color. I dont think its fungus. You shoud just go see your doc and see what he says. Maybe it is something else like a vitamin deficiency
I am a guy, and I didnt notice it, my girlfriend did and she said I should have it looked at.... No I havent had a doctor look at it, and it doesnt feel irritated nor does it hurt, its just there and I don't want it to spread... Here is another picture hope it helps some more....

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I have some light colored spots like that on my thighs. They are hardly noticeable and havnt spread. But I dont know what is the cause. If you are worried about it, you should see a doctor.
Sun spots are darker than your ski tone & Fungus is usually a darker patch.
My husband has some light I'll call them blothes on his upper arm. Was told by a doctor years ago that it was due to calcium deposits. I told him to have his new doctor check them aout. The doctor was not immediately concerned, but he is keeping an eye on them.

I would have your spots checked out. If it is something a simple as a vitamin deficiency it is an easy thing to take care of. But in case it is something more serious, better to know sooner than later.
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