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Hi I used to use neostrata 15 % gel it was amazing and made my skin smooth and closed my pores, I ran out and couldn't find anymore online so I decided to use a glycolic wash by neostata 20% after three goes my skin feels lumpy and tight, I'm really worried and feel upset that I may have damaged my skin it doesn't look bad up close I can see its red and patchy but thats under a bright light. I have flaked around the nose which I expected as glycolic renews the skin. I don't know what to do as these bumps may be the skin raising ready to peel (I'm not sure) do I carry on using the wash? I just want my skin back to how it felt before...I only used the neostata to close my pores and reduse fine lines the gel did this, why is the wash having a different effect, face feels slightly stingy like ive been in the sun.. I hope someone can advise, will be appreciated
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