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Neutrogena Wave

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Hey, has anyone tried the new neutrogena wave cleanser thing? It looks really good, but I'm always sucker for advertisements
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You are a sucker for advertisements

Neutrogena is a decent brand ... unless you've a condition that need something more specialized ... Most cheap cleanser will do.
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i have tried it and i love it...but i don't use their clenser i use it with my cleansing i use it for massage only
I have tried, it doesn't lather and too much hassle so I ditched it after the cleansing pads ran out.
Yeah, I tried it also. Got both kinds of pads, one is which a little stronger than the other. It felt great , made my skin soft. but I am looking for a way to get rid of my breakouts. I believe its an internal inflamation thing, which I'm trying vitamin supplements currently. Kinda working.
But I also got a Clarasonic, so ditched the Neutrogena thing also. It's under my sink.
This acne thing is getting to be really depressing. Unless you spend lots of money on dermatologists and pricey medicine, nothing really works. Something is wrong with the whole system.
I agreed with mytwocents. It doesn't lather and i don't feel clean after use it.
i think if you start a good exfoliating routine at home with either facial scrubs or microfiber cloths then you wouldnt need a neutrogena wave. theyd be much more effective too, check the threads.
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