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New guy here

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Hello everyone,

WOW this is great news that I was able to find such GREAT website with so much information and reviews. I myself am a 40 year old man who?s addicted to skincare products, i.e. cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers and can never be satisfied with just one skincare routine or product line. Since using skincare products at the age of 17 years of age I?ve tried almost every product ranging from A to Z, manufactured from France, Italy, Australia, Japan USA, etc, possibly spending about $100 easily a month. I would say that at least once a month I?m finding a new skincare line that promises great results within time. My problem is that I don?t give the products enough time because I?m always searching for my ?Signature? skincare line. My skin profile is Combination/Hypersensitive skin that obviously changes with the seasons. I?ve been told that I don?t look my age and that I?ve been gifted with that feature, however with having a baby face my skin is very ?emotional? LOL. I have fair complexion (German heritage) and my facial hair is thick however it grows in ?spots? and I just don?t look good trying to grow a goutee. Well since I?m just rambling on I guess my question is ?Are any of you addicted to skincare products?? I would also like to know if you can suggest (here I go again) a simple skincare routine that would provide results within time and would not hurt the pocket book. Any inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Orange, California
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Hey welcome Jim! Nice to have more guys on the website. I woudlnt call myself addicted, but I am very conscious about what I put on my skin.
Hi Jim and welcome here. I would say try to stick with one line if possible (as hard as that might be). Many lines have several products that work great by themselves but work even better together. I know Arbonne has a line for men that is based off their womens line. You can find a consultant in your area by going here and do the Locate Consultant.

I think the main thing in great skincare is keeping away from the sun and/or using a sunscreen to protect from damage, DRINKING LOTS of water and eating a healthy diet full of fruits and veggies and also getting our EFA's (essential fatty acids).
Welcome! This is a GREAT forum. I've checked out many others and nothing comes close. You'll be able to learn a lot and have a great support system from hanging out here with us.
Welcome! This is a GREAT forum. I've checked out many others and nothing comes close. You'll be able to learn a lot and have a great support system from hanging out here with us.
I concur!
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Hi Jim and welcome to our wonderful community

I very much agree with Naturally-listen b/c she has a lot of great advice and ideas.

I too have combination/hypersensitive skin that also changes with the seasons and sometimes I suffer from occassional cystic acne in the chin area.

You can read my review of Skyn Iceland skincare and I'm currently working to review the Kimberly Sayer of London skincare.

I, like you am obssesed with any and all skincare but I mainly stick to natural or organic skincare. I also look years younger than my age so I religiously use SPF. I also try to stick with one or two lines until I use them all up.

Good luck and have fun in your search. But you really need to give the products a chance to work.
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Hello and welcome! I mix and match from different lines and never bother to look for products especially geared towards men (except for shaving products). It's easy to go overboard and try new stuff all the time, but it really is best to go slowly. Start getting the essentials right. Mild cleanser, sunscreen, moisturizer. Don't try more than one new product at a time. Then go for the specifics. Acne treatments, anti-agers, scrubs and masks etc.

Right now I'm actually a little bored because I really like all the stuff I'm using and don't want to switch. So it's hard to experiment.
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