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new here..hello

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I'm always interested in improving my skin naturally. I've noticed lots of fine lines creeping up on me. I'm 38 and a mom of one daughter.

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Hiya, I'm new too, English, living in London. I have decided this year is the Year of the Moosh (face to those who don't know this slang). I have purchased a Tua Viso which I love and think is fantastic, and changed my skincare regime from anti-aging, line reducing chemical stuff, and after using my sister's natural stuff, have decided to go down the natural road for a while, so have bought some herbal face cream, some fantastic neck cream, and a papaya serum for under moisturiser. I have also read Dr. Perricone (or as I call him, Dr. Pepperoni) book and have started on some of the anti-oxidant supplements he suggests, though have googled the products and bought much more cheaply than his website which is a bit of a rip off!

Looking forward to reading all your posts and news! Are you all American/Canadian or any English on here?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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