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My name is Sheryl from Los Angeles. My friend recommended I join this site. Awesome!

I've been making my own skin care product at home for several years and it's the only thing that's ever made a difference in my skin. I've been making for my friends and family for years. I've experimented with everything and have some terrific formulas. Anyway, after being urged by many, I'm now starting to offer some "ready made" products to the public. I was hoping to get everybody's opinion on something. I created a website where I'm giving away a non-surgical facelift treatment that I created two years ago. I call it the Non Surgical Class Reunion Mask
You can easily make it in your own home. So I created a landing page with a video of myself so visitors can "opt-in" to get the video instructions of my treatment. My friends and I make these all the time.

But this is what I'm really looking for.... I was hoping to get everybody's opinion on what they think of the web page. How do you like the design? Does the video load fast enough and play correctly in all browsers? Is there anything on the page that's a turnoff? All you guys are like-minded women and I value your opinions immensly. If anything else, you'll get a fantastic video of my mask product.

I'm not sure about the rules in this forum about giving a website link. I don't want to violate any policies.

Can you somebody please tell me if it's okay if I put a link with a website address?

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