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I recently bought a product known as Dermatend that removes moles. I was sceptical at first but i tried it on a mole on my back, and it worked. It came off with ease and healed up nicely.

I did the same thing, only this time i tried it on my face. The mole came of nicely to, the healing process however was not so nice. After the mole removal, the skin reformed, however, it was darkish skin, which infact was the reappearance of the flat mole. I emailed the company and told them, they said just scratch it off and use a product known as Neo-Biotic. Did that, didnt work. I used Dermatend again, mole came off, but it kept on repeating.

After so many attempts, the mole came off, but has left a brownish hole in my skin. I would see a dermatoligist but the nearest one is around 60 miles away from here, and im a Uni student who doesnt drive

I dont even know if any products exist to help this mark or what ever it is to go away, but will be greatful if anyone could give me some input or advice on a product to use.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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