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Hi everyone
As you can see I'm new to this site and I have found out that you guys have alot of great advice on here and that is why I joined good advice is always something anyone can use. I wanted to tell a little about myself. I'm 53 and live here in a sm. town in Ky. I rescue dogs and have 2 horses I have 3 kids none at home and I'm married and have been for 17 yrs (this time). LOL
I'm not working at this time cause along with thousands of others I have lost my job infact in the last 10 yrs I have lost 5 jobs but then again all of them has been in the Auto business which by the way I love. Not trying to feel sorry for myself or looking for anyone else to. I just know that things will get better for all of us and I'm looking foreward to that time. I also know that it doesn't seem to matter how much money I don't have I always seem to find enough to buy me some good skin care products. I think that I'm a sucker for all the NEW stuff that they put out on the market but I have as of yet to but the new Olay product that has just came out this yr (09). I also want to say that when I said I was a sucker for the New products that come out and I seem to always find money for them I guess I mean products that cost something around 60 to a 100 dollars for a jar of cream or a small kit of somehting. I do not have the money to buy the 5 hundred jar of skin cream
. But I did get the new Estee Lauder cream the other night and I want to say that it is great! I love this stuff! Well there it is alittle about myself if anyone wants to know more please feel free to email me.
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Hi skippy!

Welcome! Well, we sure are all hoping for a turnaround in the way business is run in the US. I'm sorry about your job loss - it really has hit the car industry hard! With a lot of re-engineering hopefully things will straighten out...hang in there if that is what you love to do....& that's half the battle, isn't it -finding what you love to do.

You don't need to spend a lot of $$ to find good skin products, but if you love that expensive Estee cream and it works then it's worth it for you! Sometimes a girl just needs to splurge!

Skippy, that's awesome about the dog rescue project. Welcome and I'm sure you'll find lots of helpful information here if you haven't already.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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