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New SensiClear/Retextra? Anyone tried it?

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I've seen loads of positive reviews around the web regarding the new SensiClear range - the two main ingredients are salicylic acid and a new ingredient Retextra (patented). It drew my attention because it's milder than benzoyl peroxide and loads of people have said it really does smooth out their skin and get rid of the acne. It sounds really good because I have especially dry and sensitive skin, so wanted to avoid B.P.

I was wondering if anyone had tried and it and what were their experiences?
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Usually these patented ingredients like "Retextra" are just a marketing gimmick. These companies will patent some common ingredient combination and rename it so it sounds unique. It dupes customers into thinking that their formula is revolutionary when really its the same old same old.
Sensiclear doesn't say a whole lot about what's in Retextra but the main ingredient for treating acne is stil Salicyclic acid. Most over the counter acne treatments just use either Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicyclic acid. Some may use both.
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