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Newbie w/ skin care questions(long post)

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Hi all!! I have pretty wierd skin. I need some advice on products and brands to use. Let me describe my skin:

My skin is relatively sensative and dry. I also have acne along my chin/jaw line/forhead areas. If I use a product for acne prone skin, it is too harsh and makes my skin start flaking. I also have black heads in the general T zone area. Once in a while, particulary w/ stress I get the really deep pimples that hurt like heck and don't come to a head. Anything that does comes to a head will leave a mark, typically red/brown and then take forever to fade.

I dont really have problem wrinkles, or atleast nothing I'm worried about getting rid of. What I basically want is clear skin, realistically tho, I know I'll still get an occasional blemish.

What I do now is cleanse with body shop's tea tree liqud cleanser or alternate w/ thier aloe calming cleanser. I use the aloe toner, and sometimes sea breeze if I have a problem area. To moisturize I am using the aloe moisturrizer, again body shop.

What I've tried in the past:
Mary Kay, Clinique, Lancome, Body Shop, Proactiv, aveeno, neutrogina.

They all work great for a little bit, and then I'm right back where I started. I have not gone to a dermatologist, but I also think I have mild roseaca as the area under my eyes and next to my nose is always redder then the rest of my skin. I'm pretty fair too, so the redness does show up.

I'm thinking about trying Arbonne, or maybe intaglio, but they are so pricey!! Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks for reading!!
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Have you tried using products for dry skin? From my experience (i have dry skin with slight acne), those products advertised for acne prone slin tend to dry out the skin too much. I've tried the Body Shop tea tree, but it was way too drying for my skin. I've been using Ponds for a few months and my skin is improvong a lot. (cleanser - fresh start daily exfoliating cleanser; moisturizer - radiance restored)

Maybe you should try it, or if you like the Body Shop, try the Vitamin E line, I heard it works well too. Also, try to stay away from ingredients that overdry the skin, such as salycylic acid and benzoic acid.
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