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Hi there everyone...

Well i came across this site a few days ago, whilst looking for ways to improve the skin texture, pigmentation of my skin.. I am totally addicted to this site..been reading through a quite a few threads.. So many helpful and wonderful posts from quite a few posters esp Ondine on here.

Well a lil abt me I'm from the U.K and of south indian decent. my skin is kinda medium/dark olive colour but I have ALOT of acne scars and pigmentation.

In March this year,I tried this peel (krulig Peel - Amalan) I ordered from a clinic based in teneriffe. The peel is originally used for malasma but it worked wonders on my skin. It peeled off intensively for around 2 weeks, and looked fantastic..however the results didnt last..
.. I cant afford to do the peel again as it was rather expensive (and at the time i hadn't discovered this site!)

I have already ordered HQ 4% from ADH. I've already been using Retin A 0.1% which i get via prescription.. I have managed to get the LIKAS papaya soap from a local oriental shop, (which is great saving me shipping costs!)
I am awaiting the HQ long do ADH take to send it out?

Chat soon..x

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