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Since this year I aged a lot. Chronic insomnia and still a lot of stress.

I notice this all the time now. Static. Looks like sagging. 2 Dermatologists told me I can just get fillers and anything else like laser etc. won't help.

Is there anything anyone can recommend a 26 year old with static folds and tear throughs please? I obsessively google and honestly am overwhelmed. Those 2 dermatologist said I don't need more than a cleanser and moisturizer but even light moisturizers make my skin break-out too. I don't know if moisturizers are good for me, especially reading skin can get lazy from it?

I am sorry for asking here I posted in Realself but I was advised against fillers now. So I want to ask, RF device at home or topically like Retinol, ....what can I do? I live in Luxembourg, Europe.

I use Belico products but from depressive episodes I don't use it daily. Don't worry: I post and send emails all the time to therapists or therapists forums so I am not doing nothing but rather too much as I am left alone by professionals (one therapists got angry with me when I was a psychiatric urgency from lack of sleep and mental issues. That hurt). I want to let go of my face aging obsession but avoiding cameras and mirrors and self-affirming love is just temporary. I can't divide skin care and mental and neurological health. They are intertwined for me. Apologies. I need both haha. And I have none of both yet.

  • One advised against fillers on Realself. 2 dermatologists said I need it. I am divided.
  • Don't have a great skin care routine and my oily skin that breaks-out from even light moisturizers as it overproduces (and fear of skin getting used to them and lazy)
  • NF and tear throughs, what can be done from supplements to at home or office RF, etc.?
  • got told laser and microneedling won't help me with static folds and eyes by dermatologists
  • cannot sleep not on my side as I have chronic sleep issues so I need to sleep however I can sleep at all (Also have Restlesslegs makes it even harder to sleep and have a great position)
  • Retinol age 26, will it improve NF anyways? I would try OTC first to skin test
  • Facial Yoga hasn't helped me in months don't think it will
  • What can help my eyes and folds...or at least prevent from getting deeper....

- except when stressed and depressed I always put on sunscreen but only started a few months ago because of stress caused by seeing my folds but the folds got worse anyway. I have old pics to compare from August. Worse haha. I might do all wrong but it ok...happends. Life can be very stressful for some plus genetics hha.

I wanna try RF at home and supplements but unsure.

only been able to fall asleep with chaos (not chasing sleep) since 3 days free from benzos. :) ...been using since 3 months. Happy I just fall asleep without it no matter the quality. I am still very tired everyday without pills it hard to get quality sleel too. Am sure it wouldn't have been this bad without stress and chronic lack of sleep.

Rambling done


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