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Hi everyone
I am a new member - just joined today.
I'm a fulltime mum of two girls aged 3 and 5.
I would like to hear from anyone who knows anything about Nutrimetics.
I remember it being around 10-15 years ago and I thought it was a good product back then from what I heard.
I've now been introduced to it through a friend.
Does anyone know what the products are made of and if they are any good as I havent been able to find much information on the net as far as reviews go.
One site said they couldn't make much comment as the company doesn't advertise its list of ingredients.
I just dont wont to spend a lot of money on a product that isn't going to work. I thought Avon was an okay product until I read Paula Begoun, cosmetic cop's book. Unfortunately she has no reviews on nutrimetics.
Would appreciate any infortmation.
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Hi Rochelle,
I know your post is quite old but I am a Nutrimetics Consultant, so am happy to answer any questions you may have

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Hey Rochelle,

Nutrimetics has been in Australia for over 40 years. The first skincare product developed was the Nutri Rich Oil which is still a top seller. It contains pure apricot oil, Vitamin E and carrot oil. Quite a few Nutrimetics products in the skincare range are based on the inclusion of apricot kernal oil for it's healing and moisturising properties.
The list of ingredients is dependant on the individual skincare ranges available.
Nutrimetics do not include waxes or fillers to bulk up products. Therefore you only need to use a small amount each time as they are 100% active ingredients. They do not use animal products with the exception of bees wax in their lipsticks. Products are not tested on animals. All products are dermatologically tested.
The list of ingredients is dependant on the individual skincare ranges available. Of which there are nine in total including a mens range, sensitive skin care, anti age and problem skin conditions.
If you would like further information on a specific range, just let me know.
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Hi Jill

Nice to see another nutrimetics consultant. You're pic looks like Burleigh Hill, where are you located?
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Hi Kerry,
Many thanks for your comment. My locality is NSW.
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