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Obagi Long-Term Use

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I am 48 and have been using the Obagi Nu-Derm line for 12 months. Prior to that I used Cellex C and Estee Lauder skin care products. I like Obagi but am having difficulty finding a good maintenance plan - it seems that now the flakiness has subsided which only occurred in the first few months, I just stay a little red - especially if I use the Blender and Retin A every night. If anyone has advice on how to use Obagi for the long-term or is using it along with another line, I am interested. I miss using a moisturizer and it seems that at times, I feel like a need a good mask to pull out what feels like are little bumps below the surface - by the next day, this feeling is gone. As noted earlier, I like Obagi and it definitely works at the cellular level, but there are days when I am not as pleased...
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I've heard about the Obagi Nu-Derm System -- mainly for removing skin discolouration. Do you use it all the time? I understand they have a complete line of products including moisturizers. Why did you start using it? Perhaps the product line is too strong to be used continuously. If the product has a contact number or web site I'd let them know your concerns. If you still want to use their product because of the results, I'd introduce a light serum or cream to offset your symtoms.
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