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Obagi NuDerm System

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Should I give up the Obagi routine?

I have used the Obagi nu derm since Sept/08 and my skin is still red, dry, flaky, and I still get severe acne. I've been told to be patient, that it is working this way and that it takes time for the new healthy skin to emerge. However after spending hundreds of dollars, one blue peel and also adding the clenzi derm gel I'm beginning to wonder if this will ever work for me. Four months into this and my skin has never looked worse actually. I wish someone who has had a similar experience let me know about it, will it ever work?
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Thanks for the post Glimmer, I was about to make an appointment to go on the Obagi system. Was your condition ever diagnosed -- I mean -- did the derm put a name to what he/she thought you had?
Hi Mari,
Well, I do have hormonal acne prone skin combined with dryness/wrinkles and uneven pigmentation. The specialist I go to said that the Obagi system is one of the best! I was very excited in the begining thinking that once I'm over that dreaded adjusting phase (usuaully 4-6 weeks) my skin would be great. It has now been 4 months and I'm nervous that it will never work for me. The specialist keep telling me to have faith and that it will get better, but i'm wondering when???
Hi Glimmer - your skin condition sounds a bit like mine except I have rather oily skin. Acne isn't so much of a problem for me but uneven pigmentation (from sun exposure) and strange red bumps that won't go away (a derm didn't know what they were). I read about the Obagi system and a new Dr. has advertised its benefits. But as you say I think you should see some improvement in 4-6 weeks. I may go for the free consultation with an open mind. I'm so frustrated being told to try this, it doesn't work so you try something else - it goes on -- all I seem to be doing is spending money on a hope.
I have used the Obagi Clenziderm system for my skin, I have oily acne prone skin, it works well, and costs about half the price of the Obagi NuDerm system. I find that most places won't carry the ClenziDerm and won't tell you about it, but it is the one designed for Acne. I am switching now to the Tea Tree Oil one from The Body Shop recommended by board member Freddy simply because it is a third the price of Obagi, and I found myself afraid to use it because I was dreading running out!
Hi Angelaira,
did you find that you're skin was peeling for a very long time? Was it red?
Well, I tend to curtail product use if my skin gets irritated, but with the Clenziderm it really didn't, I still use their BP gel daily (actually I did just run out of that today, so sad!!), no irritation that I noticed.
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