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Oh my gracious, how?

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How in the world did I get back up to my birth weight and my son just turned 3? I know how but how did I let this happen? SAD? food addiction? love affair with food? fountain cokes? all of the above I know but if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very greatful!
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I agree with Freddy... I'm at the gym 5-6 days a week and I hear all the excuses in the world about why people don't work out and it really all boils down to one thing: laziness. And I can say that because I used to be that way. I work fulltime and go to school fulltime and hit up the gym on my way home every night. I have 15-hour days, but it's part of my routine and one that I can not (and would not) break for anything!
I disagree - it does not boil down to laziness in all cases. As people age they face a whole host of difficulties that disallow a rigorous exercise program. I could do it too when I was young. Then I hit forty-five and it all changed. Even though my will was still determined my body just could not handle it anymore. Other people make tradeoffs for the sake of their families so they just cannot take off for the gym whenever they want to. Things are just not so simple for most people these days.
To me, it doesn't come down to schedules, laziness, or anything other than desire and respect for yourself.
I can agree with this. The problem that I had with the Steph posting is that he/she attributed it ALL to laziness. I have a real problem with gross generalizations of any sort. That kind of an attitude can get anyone into real trouble and has caused alot of problems for innocent people.

Sometimes folks just need some encouragement and guidance. I agree that exercise and fitness does not need to get sidelined completely due to age, disability, obligations, or other circumstances. An appropriate program can be designed for anyone - and that is why info sharing is so helpful.
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Chelsie, The website is currently and slowly under development. There isn't much up there right now but you can give me some feedback and ideas if you'd like. Elite Personal Training
I took a look at it too and think that it looks great so far. The "home" page is the only one up so far (as you said, it is under development) and it is very impressive. I think that the next one to be up should be the "contact" page - since that would give you a way to provide the info yet to come on the other pages to folks that inquire.
Funny-I had to take a peak myself. Just call me nosey nellie
Hey - I figure if it were just addressed to Chelsie he would have / should have PM'd her, right?
I'm so sorry to mireckca, gymrat and anyone else I may have offended with my "lazy" comment. That sincerely was not my intention.
I'm not a negative/hurtful person and I didn't mean for one of my first few posts on here to come across that way.
No problem, Steph. I always cut folks from Jersey some extra slack (I moved to Toronto from South Orange 6 years ago).

I had foot surgery and it slowed me down alot. I should also have knee surgery but cannot at this time. I know that I am probably overly sympathetic to folks who are dealing with circumstances beyond their control. And with job losses and health care cuts, the situation is only going to get worse in terms of foregone medical care.

I do agree that there is always something folks can do to stay in shape. But not everyone realizes this because they are so overwhelmed with issues and problems. Call me stubborn but I still maintain that this is not always a laziness issue.
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mireckca - How do you like it up there in Toronto? How is your foot doing? When was your surgery? I can understand how physical limitations could restrict your ability to be more active. It sounds like walking isn't exactly a small task for you. I guess as humans, we don't realize what we take for granted until/unless it's not there anymore.

Steph - Toronto is great. It is really the financial and business center for Canada, so it's been a comfortable place to be for me. I worked in NYC for 12 years before coming here - so it's nice being in a cosmopolitan place without alot of the headaches that Manhattan has. Of course, everytime I get home to NY I hate to leave it again.

My foot operation was about 10 years ago and it doesn't impair my mobility now. I walk probably 10-15 miles per week just doing errands and going about town. But the next day I do pay for it in my knees - old childhood, sports related injuries, I think. So I stick to low-impact, elliptical types of exercise whenever I can.

All the best to you as you complete your program. This is a good place to take a break and maybe even have a laugh or two.
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