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Oh my gracious, how?

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How in the world did I get back up to my birth weight and my son just turned 3? I know how but how did I let this happen? SAD? food addiction? love affair with food? fountain cokes? all of the above I know but if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be very greatful!
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Gavel, haha! well, at least you have a reason! I am just lazy!

Whenever I feel like reaching for a MalloMar, I think about how crappy my skin looks on the junk food diet!
I spend way too much time and cash on my skin to ruin it with cheap food. This is some basic advice to get you going, but you probably already know this:

Smart Skin Care: What diet is best for your skin?

Aerobic activity and weight training will give you some great results in a short time if you hit it hard! I hope some of the fitness gurus here can jump in and give you better advice!

Good luck! and if you need support we're all here for you!!

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Oh sure! But it must be hard with a toddler around to find time to make nutritious choices! But a good time to teach healthy eating too!

Is there childcare at a gym near you? That could be a good way to get some free time for yourself. I see moms out there with those jogging strollers - the kids seem to be enjoying it too. Kinda hard when it's 20F out there, I know....

What activity did you like to do BB? (before baby!)

Freddy: EXCELLENT!!!!!!
Dude, you are the Motivator with a capital M!

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I can tell you the one reason I am not satisfied with my body is because most often, I am too lazy to workout. I have plenty of time and I just dont want to. Even if you have physical limitations to working out it doesn't mean you can't eat healthier and cut out some of the extra junk to help you lose a few. Everyone has their own pile of excuses.
Uh oh....don't mention that "L" word!!!

You are right about healthy eating though! You can control what goes into your mouth.
I bet you get more exercise than you realize too if you take care of a house or have a job that isn't sedentary.

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