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Oil blotting paper

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My skin tends to be more dry in the winter, but I still occaisonally get shiny by then end of the day. I hate it, but I really don't want to have to wipe my face with my hands. Does anyone use those little papers that you jsut blot off the oil with? WHat brands are good?
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My skin tends to be more dry in the winter, but I still occaisonally get shiny by then end of the day. I hate it, but I really don't want to have to wipe my face with my hands. Does anyone use those little papers that you jsut blot off the oil with? WHat brands are good?
I use Clean and Clear oil blotters -- I like them because these little bits of whatever really soak up the oil and in the process they don't mess up your makeup. Freddy's idea is good, but I haven't tried it.
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I'll have to check the micro fibre cloths but I like the idea of being able to throw the blotter away and I'm not afraid of contamination. (unless I have several). One blotter (which is very small) will do your whole face.
I absolutely love blotter tissues. I use the CVS brand (that is if you have a CVS where you are...I'm in Chicago).

The microfiber cloth is a good idea but I don't like the notion of the dead skin flakes, bacteria and oil being used on my face over and over again. I personally prefer blotters...this way if my girls see my using one they can have one as well.

Just my two pennies....
The blotters are difficult to come by here -- when I find them I usually buy several which lasts a long time. I haven't heard of the CVS line.

Have you ever been to the Marilyn Miglin salon in Chicago? I used to buy her Vit.C line -- I could just eat the cream it was so lucious.
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Hmmmm.....I haven't....I'll look it up on-line. Sounds delicous.

CVS is basically like a Rite-Aid or Walgreen's. It's just the off-brand of a name brand. But it works exactly the same for about a dollar less. (I'm in finance so I love it when I can save money.)
Good to know -- Thanks! I'll look for them the next time I cross the border.
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Well the idea is that you wash the cloth.

Do you wash your towels every once in a while? I would hope so, because it's pretty much the same thing.
Of course that's the point - they require washing. But the oil blotters take up a 1"X2"X 1/4" space in your purse or pocket then you dispose of these tiny pieces which will do your entire face. (a packet will hold about 50 blotters) You'd be surprised how much oil they pick up.

Also because my skin is oily -- and especially on a hot summer day I might use 3-4 during the day. The cloths would be fine if you had a stash in a car but otherwise these packets are so small and convenient.
My skin is equally oily too both in winter and summer! Does oil blotting papers really work? Just wondering which brands work best?
Any recommendations pls?

For me they work. Before I found out about them I used to wipe my face down with a kleenex -- but then by the end of the day most of my makeup was gone. These blotters will not disturb your makeup --I even use them on my eyes.
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There are oil mattifying creams too that can help keep the shine away.
Yes, I've used Silene by Cellex C & Orchid Gel primer by Skinn -- but neither keep the oil slick at bay for the entire day. Do you know of any others?
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My face is like an oil drill with or without make-up!!

I guess either I have to keep wiping my skin with the oil blotting paper or keep searching for the perfect oil free moisturiser that will leave my skin matte the entire day! It's just an trial n error thing n costly on top coz I keep buyin so many rubbish stuff that do not work!
That's the problem -- I've bought moisturizers that say "for a matte look" and as you say my face looks like "an oil drill" by the end of the day. I wonder if it would be wise just to use serums? What do you think?
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. . . .
You seem concerned about lots of bacteria and "tons of oil" so your skin's condition may not be good and you may need more aggressive methods. With individuals with a somewhat normal skin this is ideal. Perhaps you may need to look at other methods of controlling a large amount of facial bacteria and oil. You might want to look into SA peels, they'll help with the bacteria and oily skin.
I when I leave the house in the morning I doubt there's bacteria on my face -- since sometimes I've used sterile water & peroxide to clean my face after washing; or a toner with alcohol. I also have a face wash with glycoloic acid in it. If I was concerned about bacteria it would be from the amount of oil that accumulates on my face over the day. SA peels may be effective, but since there isn't any place that provides them in my area I have been trying to address the problem the best way I can. But your point is taken.
Mari have you tried using things like rose hip oil instead of moisturizing on your face after you have used serum, just a thought but this might help too! what are Sa peels anyway? Just a thought but I know one thing we were talking about last night is that all these acids you can put on your face may not do a person any good in the long run!
I'm allergic to roses so I don't know if I'd have a reaction to the rose hip oil. I think I'm going to try staying with Cellex-C, then putting Hydra B5 on top; the only think with moisturizers is that you can have a SPF included --which means I'd have to add a sunscreen, and the ones I've tried are heavy.

SA I would think Freddy was referring to salycic acid -- which is often included in acne treatments. -- here again you would have to use a sun block if using that product -- unless there is a moisturizer that has SA + a sunblock. When I go into a Dept. store it takes me ages in the cosmetic Dept. 'cause I read all the ingredients. With me it's always been trial and error, sometimes the products work then I have a reaction. It is true that some products do more harm than good.
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Whatever, Freddy -- you're comments are always helpful. People with extra oily skin are always stressed out because of the way they look. Me anyway.
Mari have you tried La Roche Posay UVA and UVB suntan cream it does look like a good one you should check it out if you can!
I'll look for it -- Freddy do you know if you have to buy it in a Department store or is it available at WalMart or in a drug store --- I'm so limited here -- got to move!
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go on there website Mari think they have all the store in local area that way you check out there products for yourself La Roche-Posay or try ebay!
OK, I'll do that. The blink town I live in only has one drug store --- and a store my husband calls Macy's -- he's being very funny -- a variety store that has everything except cosmetics.
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Sounds like the fancy-shmancy brands are no better than the cheap drugstore that true?
Who knows? Some older brands possibly haven't got new technology but work for some people. Some of the products that are found in drugstores may be owned by larger big department store brands and may be using their old formulations. The latest I read is that the new target group for skin care products will be directed towards 8 - 11 year olds. What do you think of that?

Have you seen the new Dove commercial showing how they transform an "ordinary" woman into a glamourous cover girl. Quite interesting.
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. . . . I have heard of girls who use those toilet -protector- cover- thingeys from the restrooms as facial blotting paper! Any port in a storm!
Yuk, Yuk, Yuk! (I couldn't say Yuk Yuk -'cause that's the name of a night club in TO - mirecka would catch me on that)
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Mari - I have no clue, and I'm afraid to look it up!
It's a comedy club -- wait until some celebs are in town.
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