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Oil blotting paper

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My skin tends to be more dry in the winter, but I still occaisonally get shiny by then end of the day. I hate it, but I really don't want to have to wipe my face with my hands. Does anyone use those little papers that you jsut blot off the oil with? WHat brands are good?
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My skin is equally oily too both in winter and summer! Does oil blotting papers really work? Just wondering which brands work best?
Any recommendations pls?

For me they work. Before I found out about them I used to wipe my face down with a kleenex -- but then by the end of the day most of my makeup was gone. These blotters will not disturb your makeup --I even use them on my eyes.
That was helpful. Thanks, Mari. I will try some store brand ones to start with
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Yes, I've used Silene by Cellex C & Orchid Gel primer by Skinn -- but neither keep the oil slick at bay for the entire day. Do you know of any others?
I have been using Simple oil-free moisturiser. The first few hours after applying it, my skin looks matte and all good but then it becomes oily again for the rest of the day especiallly my T-Zone area. I just think so many skincare companies just fool us in buying their products which hardly work!

I had no luck with Body Shop Tea Tree Mattying moisturiser either.
My next hope is on oil blotting paper now !
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I am just using a sponge at the moment as cant find anything to use like at the mo for the face and looked for something soft and gentle everywhere!! Pumi when you next see your doctor why not see if he can give you anything for Oily skin?
My face is like an oil drill with or without make-up!!

I guess either I have to keep wiping my skin with the oil blotting paper or keep searching for the perfect oil free moisturiser that will leave my skin matte the entire day! It's just an trial n error thing n costly on top coz I keep buyin so many rubbish stuff that do not work!
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Yup, next time I pay a visit to my GP, I will c if he can help me with my oily skin. Thanks for the suggestion, NY. I never thought abt this before.
That's the problem -- I've bought moisturizers that say "for a matte look" and as you say my face looks like "an oil drill" by the end of the day. I wonder if it would be wise just to use serums? What do you think?
I would give serum a go definately and leave out the moisturiser just to see if this is of any help at all. U won't believe but all the products I use are labelled oil-free or non-greasy but still my face gets oily and greasy at the end of the day. I'm very confused!!
I've heard Dove products are good as they are gentle to the skin. I have only used their soap though which is very mild and does not leave your skin dry. I'm yet to try their other skincare products.
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