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Oil blotting paper

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My skin tends to be more dry in the winter, but I still occaisonally get shiny by then end of the day. I hate it, but I really don't want to have to wipe my face with my hands. Does anyone use those little papers that you jsut blot off the oil with? WHat brands are good?
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I am just using a sponge at the moment as cant find anything to use like at the mo for the face and looked for something soft and gentle everywhere!! Pumi when you next see your doctor why not see if he can give you anything for Oily skin?
Id see your doctor then see what he can recommed I know for my excema he gave me product straight away, Dont buy products on a wim no matter how desprate you are! Also try to wear as little make up as possible as crazy as I may sound I wear make up may be 3 times in a year at the most and my skin thanks me for it!! However I know most girls love makeup which is fair enough just suggestion tis is all!!
Mari have you tried using things like rose hip oil instead of moisturizing on your face after you have used serum, just a thought but this might help too! what are Sa peels anyway? Just a thought but I know one thing we were talking about last night is that all these acids you can put on your face may not do a person any good in the long run!
May be you should try Asprin Mask it did leave my face feeling soft but not sure if did much for the pores! This is what we were all saying last night though its diffiucult to find out what works and what does not work, There are many oils out there though so i suppose could always try a bit on back of your hand or something see if it does work! I know Im really liking the Is Clinical Serum only used it yesterday and my face instantly felt firmer but then this is not a cheap product, unfortuntaly!! As you said just trial and error really!!
Mari have you tried La Roche Posay UVA and UVB suntan cream it does look like a good one you should check it out if you can!
I wanted to get there biodemic cleanser but not available in Uk
only in USA which is a shame but NeoStrata also seem to be have some good stuff available in UK too
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go on there website Mari think they have all the store in local area that way you check out there products for yourself La Roche-Posay or try ebay!
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